17 Things All Teachers Think at the End of the School Year

You know you’ve thought it, too!

Things Teachers Think at the End of the Year

Whether you’re already done with school or you’re counting down the days, chances are you’ve had some of these thoughts…

When you’re still trying to balance meaningful curriculum  …

Gif of a man juggling bowling pins with a kid hitting him with another bowling pin.

“I have time for one more novel.” —Ryan (and English teachers everywhere)

“Will they notice if I don’t grade this?” —Jana

“Where did all these papers come from?” —Sarah

“Oh, I forgot to teach __________.” —Jane

When classroom management is challenging …


Gif of a student dancing on a chair.

“This has been the rule since the FIRST day of school! Why is this a mystery to you?” —Andrea

“I need a master’s degree to do this?” —Kyleen

On the last day of school, from at least one student: “What can I do to raise my grade?” —Jeff

When you can’t get summer off your mind …

Gif of an animated scene of a cup with a lemon and glasses

“Ooo, soon I can go to the bathroom anytime I want!” —Judie

“I’m going to miss them so much … oh look, it’s summer!” —Cheryl

“Hey parents, tag! You’re it!” —Jen

When you’re dealing with a mix of supply shortage and just so much stuff …

Gif of a woman shrugging.

“Where did all this stuff come from?” —Taryn

“A nice big fish tank seemed like a great idea in September.” —Zoie

“I should buy more pencils. They really can’t use old Sharpies for the next two weeks.” —Chelsea

“I wonder if my husband will notice he has less space in the garage now.” —Heidi

When you’re just trying to hold it together …

Gif of a woman saying "I need wines. Do you have wines?"

“You can do it. Margaritas are waiting for you.” —Nianne

“Maybe I could just show them a movie. How likely is it that an admin is going to walk through?” —Carolyn

“I don’t think there’s enough caffeine to get me through these last days.” —Susan

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