The 411 on LEGO® Education’s Newest STEM Education Product: WeDo 2.0

We reviewed the product so you don’t have to!

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We read all of the reviews on LEGO® Education’s newest product, WeDo 2.0 so you don’t have to. Here’s what educators and tech companies have to say about this cool new robotics kit for elementary students.

WeDo 2.0

WeDo 2.0 Makes STEM Learning Fun

“These science lessons do more than just teach students facts to memorize, they represent an immersive experience that instills a deeper understanding of the scientific method and evidence-based reasoning.” Jeffrey Marlow, geobiologist, via GizMag

Even Young Kids Can Get Excited About STEM

“LEGO’s WeDo is among the few endeavors designed with young children in mind. As they get older, they can upgrade to the slightly more complex Mindstorm platform. The skills these students learn with WeDo and Mindstorm also translate directly into the FIRST LEGO League, a school-based competition in which students create programmable robots built from Lego bricks.” EdTech Magazine

WeDo 2.0 Introduces Kids to Coding

“Playing with LEGO is fun, but now it’s also a way to teach science. LEGO Education WeDo 2.0, a big wireless update to a system that launched in 2009, teaches children to build tiny robots while challenging them to solve real-world science problems with coding and, of course, bricks.” Wall Street Journal

LEGO Robotics Inspires Reluctant Learners

“Not that the world doesn’t need more professional athletes or actors, it’s just important for kids to realize that other careers aren’t necessarily as boring as they’re often made out to be. Now if only we could find a way to make Shakespeare less boring through LEGOs.” Gizmodo

WeDo 2.0 Is a Crash Course in Robotics, Science and More

“On top of robotics, the next-gen WeDo Kit also teaches kids STEM basics via various science projects. According to Techcrunch, Lego has developed a curriculum with over 40 hours of science lessons normally taught in fourth grade.”Engadget

The Program Gets More Challenging as Kids Learn

“The projects get harder and harder as you go on—the whole point, of course, is to integrate this type of learning into the elementary classroom. Also, you end up creating a really cute robot, so everyone wins.” Wired

WeDo 2.0 Brings Science to Life—Literally!

“The wireless platform includes a Bluetooth low-energy Smarthub element; an electronic based building brick that is part of the LEGO Power Functions (LPF); a new technology platform for LEGO Education; one motor; one tilt and one motion sensor. The WeDo 2.0 Core software is an essential and easy-to-use component that is colorful, age-appropriate and has a drag-n-drop interface that is graphical in nature. It also contains a documentation tool that enables students to document their problem solving process and provides an assessment opportunity for teachers.” Ed Tech Round Up