Free Printables to Get Started On Your Classbook (and Make Things Fun, Too!)

Brainstorm! Write! Publish!

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Holiday Classbook

Creating a classbook together allows for authentic, purposeful writing. It’s also a great way to build relationships with your students. These free writing printables were designed especially with grades K-3 in mind. Plus, they provide extra practice in brainstorming writing ideas and having a store of ideas throughout the year. We love these activities because they work for both in-person or virtual learning.

Creating a Classbook: an adaptable writing and illustrating lesson for your class

Now is the perfect time for writing about what we’re thankful for and about turkeys, mittens, and snowmen. This lesson gives kids an authentic purpose for their writing and builds classroom relationships. You’ll find ideas and practical advice to build writing, thinking, and illustrating skills kids can use all year long while helping you create your classbook quickly and easily.

Free poster: What Classbook Will We Write Together?

Holiday Classbook

This printable poster features some great writing ideas your class can publish in a book together this year. It’ll inspire your students for what’s possible. Make it more engaging by asking them to vote on their first choice.

Free worksheet: My Thankful Heart

This printable worksheet guides students to think about what they are thankful for. They’ll brainstorm all the things, people, memories, and places they are thankful for and write them on this thankful heart graphic organizer. When they are finished, they’ll have writing ideas any time they need them.

This lesson is part of the Studentreasures Classbook Program.

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