This Teacher’s Impressions of Middle School Boys at the End of the School Year Are Spot-On

The trash-talking is at an all-time high.

Teaching middle school boys

If you’ve taught middle school boys, have a middle school boy, or been around middle school boys, you are definitely going to relate to this TikTok video. Gabe Dannenbring is a middle school teacher in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and for the past couple of years, he’s been going viral with his teaching videos, especially the ones about what it’s like to teach middle school. 

You can check out his TikTok channel here, and here’s a recent video he did about teaching middle school boys at the end of the school year. See if you think his impressions are accurate. 


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They complain about having to get out their textbooks.

Middle school boys have to take out a book

Sure it’s school and all, but there’s a constant complaint of “Why do we have to use books?” 

They run … randomly … out of nowhere.


Middle school boys are always running

In the hallway, in the classroom, on the way to their desk, on the way to the pencil sharpener, on the way to throw something away … 

They’re constantly challenging you to shadowbox.

Middle school boys shadowboxing

Clearly they have moves, and they want to show them off. And why wouldn’t you want to enter into a shadowbox battle with a teenager? 

They want to go outside. Every. Day. 

Middle school boys want to go outside

Outdoor classroom has its time and place, but they want it to be a daily routine. 

They can’t stop moving their bodies.

Middle school boys are always moving

Not just spurts of running, but kicks, karate chops, and so much more. 

They’re always sweating.

Middle school boys are always sweaty

Probably because of all that shadowboxing, running, and moving their bodies. 

Their trash-talking is endless.

Middle school boys with trash talking

It’s like they’ve been perfecting it all school year and can’t stop. 

They act all tough … until you say you’re going to call their mom.

Middle school boys acting tough

You’re actually lucky if the “wrath of Mom” threat still works on them. 

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Teacher Gabe Dannenbring talks about teaching middle school boys at the end of the school year, and his impressions are spot-on.