Teachers Share the Simple Things That Would Make Their Jobs Less Stressful

And we all need to listen.

These Things Would Make Teaching Less Stressful

Coming out of a year that felt more stressful than ever, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to make teaching a more sustainable, desirable profession. So we couldn’t look away from this Reddit thread in which teachers shared the simple things that would bring down their stress levels. Are you listening, district admin and policy makers? Because these things matter.

“A working copier.” —jessicat7474

Seriously. We might joke about broken copiers, but think about the hours saved with this one.

“Restroom coverage and access to a grown-up bathroom.” —Sensitive-Good2448

This one shouldn’t have to be said. Being able to use the restroom when you need it is a fundamental human right.

“Not having to submit lesson plans.” —Fitibt99

Please, please stop requiring us to submit our lesson plans.

“Lower my class size to 12.” —Yazuka70

Smaller class sizes were on many teachers’ lists as the one thing that would help lower stress levels. Read more about why.

“The district hiring four lunchroom monitors to eliminate cafeteria duty for teachers.” —karmint1


We need breaks. We need planning time. Please stop taking away this time and replacing it with extra responsibilities.

“If I could open a window or control the temperature in my room. No one is learning when sweating or shivering.” —OhSassafrass

Yesssss. Classrooms are either sweltering or the Arctic. Give us some control, please.

“In person four days. At home one day.” —coskibum002

While some districts are piloting four-day school weeks, we need to explore the model more seriously to help give teachers and kids more balance.

“An admin who is encouraging and provides staff with the positive praise we are expected to give our students.” —Sure-Mix4550

This seems pretty basic. We want to be acknowledged for the hard work we put in every day.

“Ask me what I want to learn about for professional development.” —csplonk

Co-signed. Teachers spend too much time in PD that doesn’t meet their needs!

We’re curious. What would you add to the list? What simple things would make teaching less stressful for you? Please share in the comments.

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Teachers Share the Simple Things That Would Make Their Jobs Less Stressful