The week before Halloween in schools can be a lot, to put it lightly. Noisy classroom parties, distracted students daydreaming about free candy, and the extra effort to be a Halloweeney teacher makes for one of the most chaotic times during the school year. We hear you and know the stress this week can put you through. To get a laugh through the Halloween hardships, scroll through these totally relatable Halloween memes.

A few of my many thoughts.

Teaching the week before Halloween thoughts

Enough candy already! Is November 1st here yet?

Ah, the classroom party.

Classroom halloween party sponsored by Tylenol

Full moon or not, I’m going to need that Tylenol.

Source: Education to the Core

Really, what’s the point of teaching on Halloween?

Having school on halloween

It’s a really good year if Halloween falls on the weekend.

Source: @justaprimarygirl

We’re not OK.

Teachers at the end of October meme

Too much candy, rowdy classroom parties, and zero attention from students. Yeah, we’re done.

Source: Teach Outside the Box

Seriously, don’t play with me this week.

Do not touch the witch Halloween meme

It’s me. I’m the witch.

Students be like…

Kids stomach hurting and eating more halloween candy

It’s like a never-ending cycle.

Source: Red Tricycle

I do have to admit; I’m a sucker for Halloween decor.

Halloween decorations meme

This may be one of the only positives to come out of Halloween in my classroom.

Source: Revilenglish

Try me…

You can't scare me I'm a Halloween teacher

I think I’ve seen it all.

Source: Someecards

To my fellow teachers, I feel your pain.

When I see teachers on Halloween Hunger Games meme

We’re in this together.

Source: Meme Generator

It’s all fun and games until there’s a costume malfunction.

Looking forward to classroom Halloween party meme

TBH, it might be the most chaotic day of the year.

Source: Teach Junkie

I’m living for all of the teacher costume wins.

Teacher Halloween Costume cards against humanity

Not to mention the excuses I’m getting this Halloween week.

Source: Mrs. Orman

I’m in full denial over it.

Monday after Halloween meme

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the day after Halloween falls on a Monday this year.

Source: Meme Generator

This week has me feeling like a skeleton.

I'm just going to wait until it's quiet teacher meme

It’s possible I’ll be sitting here all day.

Source: Bored Panda

I’m leaning towards a Halloween t-shirt this year.

Two types of teachers costume meme

Which one are you?

Source: Apples and ABC’s

Let’s take it down a notch.

Halloween candy noise level meme

Worst part is, the sugar rush continues even the day after Halloween.

Source @tank.sinatra

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15 Memes That Show What It's Like to Teach the Week of Halloween