What is Teaching Channel and Should I Subscribe?

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Looking to engage in PD that isn’t Zoom-based, stressful, or ends up feeling like a waste of your personal reading time? Yeah, we are, too. Thus, in our ongoing quest to find fun professional development, we decided to look into Teaching Channel as an option. Check out the scoop below!

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Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers is an affiliate partner of Teaching Channel. 

What is Teaching Channel?

Teaching Channel is a video-based online professional development community where teachers can watch, share, and learn new techniques to foster student growth. Created by veteran edtech leaders, the platform is easy to navigate and outfitted with functionalities that far exceed those of traditional PD programs. One of my personal favorite tools is an interactive note feature that can be used while you view videos!

What kind of subjects do Teaching Channel’s courses and videos focus on?

The courses and videos focus on a huge range of topics and are available on-demand through the platform. The video library consists of in-depth videos featuring real teachers that can be sorted by categories including engagement, classroom management, technology in the classroom, and more! Additionally, courses on topics like differentiation and family partnerships can be completed in under two hours.


Will I have to register for classes ahead of time or take them during specific windows?


No! This is potentially one of Teaching Channel’s biggest benefits. It’s simple and easy to take courses or watch videos that relate to your professional interests on your own schedule. Simply sit down and start!

What are the benefits of subscribing?

When you subscribe, you get instant access to a TON of resources. I mean … a ton. You can utilize Teaching Channel’s 1,400+ video library, take any of their 20+ PD Express courses, and access their recording app. There, you can record and edit footage of yourself teaching and upload the video to your private page for self-reflection and review.

What makes Teaching Channel different from other PD options?

The first thing I’d have to point to here is simply the sheer volume of resources you’re able to access through the platform. Aside from that, one of Teaching Channel’s main draws is that its videos actually feature real teachers sharing their classroom practices & what’s worked for them. This gives every video a level of credibility that is hard to find in other programs. 

How can I use Teaching Channel to complete mandatory PD hours?

Every time you finish a course on the platform, you receive a certificate of completion. Therefore, users can easily convert the hours they spend learning about new classroom ideas and topics that interest them into tangible professional development hours!

How much does a subscription cost?

Typically, a subscription will run you about $10/month or $100/year. However, for a limited time Teaching Channel is offering our audience 30% off of regular prices, making a monthly subscription $6.99, and a yearly subscription $69.99.

How can I join Teaching Channel’s teacher community?

Over 1,198,101 teachers are currently active participants in Teaching Channel community. By subscribing, you’ll have access to exclusive community content and direct feedback from diverse peers. Everyone knows that good things come out of idea shares, so why not apply that mindset to PD, too!

Here’s what teachers already using Teaching Channel have to say:

“Great tool to see theories in action!” — Bobbi G., OK

“Teaching Channel is a great way to support teacher collaboration in the 21st century!” — Janie D., CA

“Love the high-quality quick videos of best teaching practices and management strategies.” — Jonathan S., NY

“There are fabulous videos about Growth Mindset that I will watch over and over again!” — Emily M., CA

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What is Teaching Channel and Should I Subscribe?