Top 25 #TeacherStyle Looks on Instagram

Personal style matters!


It’s not even officially fall yet, and so far the #TeacherStyle showing up on Instagram is on point. What makes you want to look stylish for your teaching job? Because you love your job that much? Because it makes you happy when you don’t love your job that much? Check out these fashionable teachers and make sure to post your own styles on Instagram using the hashtag #TeacherStyle!

1. Because simple is always chic.

Pairing a graphic tee with a high waisted skirt and some sandals is an effortless way to look professional but stay comfortable at the same time.


2. Because black is the new black.


Sneakers with a little black dress always looks classy but youthful.


3. Because black leggings don’t make you basic.

Layering neutral colors is a great way to make a statement without getting out of hand with patterns and colors.


4. Because leopard print is a neutral.

This is a great example of stylish and trendy accessories elevating a casual outfit.



Wide leg trousers and a mustard yellow top show that you’re in the game. A white cardigan shows that you also like to not freeze in your classroom.


6. Because colored trousers aren’t just for ladies.

This guy has confidence and I would trust him to teach my child.


7. Because a comfy sweater is always there for you.

If you can’t wear your PJ’s to work, you might as well your favorite sweater, your favorite jeans, and obviously your favorite sneakers.


8. Because Friday is the best.

Of course it’s ok to admit that you surrender for the next two days. We all feel the same way.


9. Because you can wear all black and not look like you’re going to a funeral.

Adding an unexpected silhouette in the trousers creates a unique effect that somehow makes this monotone outfit exciting.


10. Because classrooms are freezing and scarves are pretty.

There’s no telling on any given day what kind of climate you will be dealing with at school—it’s either hot as you-know-what or the arctic. Nothing in between. Am I right?


11. Because a statement necklace turns up the volume of any outfit.

Buffalo check, a neon necklace, comfy pants, and gladiator sandals? There’s a lot going on here and I love all of it.


12. Because I can get behind this outfit 100% even if it’s not even Spirit Week. Especially if it’s not Spirit Week.

Subtle cosplaying a character that every student could learn from is always in good fashion, let’s be honest.


13. Because those flats look amazing.

An animal print with a khaki skirt is a fun play on work attire while still maintaining the professional look you might be striving for.


14. Because big, bold floral patterns can make you look less like Laura Ashley and more like Ashley Olsen.

I don’t even know if this is a dress or a romper or a jumpsuit but I support it.


15. Because you can layer and still look unique.

I’ve never tried to wear a necklace WITH a scarf but I’m sure going to try now.


16. Because why be the only stylish person in your school?

Pencil skirts and shift dresses with flats somehow make their legs look longer and I have no idea how this is happening.


17. Because your eyebrows are ON POINT.

This is how you take a basic white top and turn it funky but professional at the same time—gorgeous accessories.


18. Because you are that teacher who is crafty enough to paint their own shoes, no big deal.

These are the cutest things I have ever seen. If you try to create your own, make sure to hashtag them on Instagram with #TeacherStyle!


19. Because ice cream cone earrings exist.

Teachers totally get a free pass to wear whimsical things like earrings with food attached to them. Feel free to take advantage of this. Especially if it involves ice cream.


20. Because those shoes.

Some comfy looking cigarette style pants are the best way to show off those amazing sling backs.


21. Because your students love colors.

Looking comfortable in your own skin and maintaining your own fun personal style is a great way to engage students with what you’re saying.


22. Because who else can get away with wearing this dress, guys.

There is no shame in having your school supply list on your dress for everyone to take note of. SHE NEEDS GLUE.


23. Because you are adorable.

A blouse with tassels hanging from it seems like the perfect top to wear on a Monday when you literally can’t.


24. Because fashion is supposed to be fun.

Being well put together for work does not always have to mean pencil skirts and button-down shirts. Sometimes it can just mean your lipstick matches your amazing jacket.


25. Because sneaking in a little LuLaRoe is always a good choice.

She also found that dress for $10 on sale. Crayola look on a Roseart budget.