22 Ways to Make the Most Out of a #TeacherSnowDay

Work, play, and everything in between.

teacher snow day heart

What do teachers do on a snow day? Share your #teachersnowday pics on Instagram, and tag WeAreTeachers. We’d love to follow you and see how you’re spending your day!

1. When you want to start the day out right.

We have no idea what that is on the left, but we want some!


SOURCE: msmarythomas

2. When you get engaged on your day off.

No doubt, a day this teacher will remember.

SOURCE: _jessicayvonne

3. When you have knitting to do.



Does anyone need a new scarf…gloves?

SOURCE: knittingnutmeg

4. When someone asks, “Do you wanna build a snowman?”


When someone asks you this question, always say yes!

SOURCE: ashtonnailee

5. When grading still needs to be done.


Because the work doesn’t just go away.

SOURCE: dmariebracken

6. When you’re a first year teacher and want to enjoy your first snow day to the fullest.


Pro tip: Wear comfy pants ALL DAY.

SOURCE: miss_kbev

7. When you have home projects to do.


Why are those paint samples so addicting?

SOURCE: chsfacs

8. When it’s your spring break.


Wait a minute…where’s my free day?

SOURCE: theclasscouple

9. When you have time for lesson prep.


Let’s get crafty!

SOURCE: emdonovanfitness

10. When there are cinnamon rolls involved.


All snow days should have cinnamon rolls.

SOURCE: artsyapple

11. When you just want to say, “Hallelujah!”


Thanks for sharing the lesson!

SOURCE: kay_em_ess

12. When you get to spend extra time with your pup.


This will help recharge anyone!

SOURCE: courtney_gelinas

13. When you still have shoveling to do.


But think of all those calories you’ll burn!

SOURCE: nellsie_me

14. When there are pancakes to eat.


Mmmm, this would be a good breakfast for dinner kind of day!

SOURCE: mack_snacks

15. When you just have to get outside and play.


Here’s to hoping you have the perfect conditions for a snow angel!

SOURCE: luvsnow07

16. When you have baking to do!


Dust off those cookbooks.

SOURCE: claraelinbklyn

17. When this is the biggest thing on your to-do list.


More cute dog pics please!

SOURCE: mellysabbyannaboutique

18. When you have a ukulele.


And A Series of Unfortunate Events?!?! Yes please.

SOURCE: katielikesgiraffes

19. When you have the perfect mug.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

SOURCE: growalongwithme

20. When it’s a winter wonderland.


We cannot recommend trying this at home.

SOURCE: cbar_13

21. When you have an artsy photo side.


Let’s see those creative pictures! #teachersnowday

SOURCE: katebfitness

22. When you intend to make the best of the day no matter what.


Go out. Stay in. Just enjoy the day teachers!

SOURCE: mrschalksclassroom