Creative Ways Teachers Are Using Outschool

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With the sudden shift in focus to online learning, many teachers are thinking outside the box and are exploring alternatives to the traditional classroom. Outschool , which has typically been a platform focused on classes for homeschooling, may be an option to explore. Teachers are finding the platform to be flexible and easy to work with. They can also come up with unique class topics, determine the appropriate class size, and charge a fee. No more being held down by the constraints of standards and boxed curriculums. The sign up process is easy, and check out how teachers are using Outschool below.

Sign up in 4 easy steps

The application process is fairly easy.

  1. Watch a video on Outschool that describes what teaching on their platform looks like.
  2. Fill out the online application. Be prepared to describe your teaching experience. This could be in or out of the classroom.
  3. Describe what you plan to teach. This will include the topic, age group, and what experience you have with the topic. This section also includes a short description of the class.
  4. Create a 3-5 minute introductory video by teaching a sample of the class and showing the space you will be working in. Outschool will use this video to see how you will engage students and see your teaching personality.

Overall, this is a quick and easy application process!


Get set up!

As you are setting up your space, you will want to first think about the learners you are planning to teach. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • What would make an inviting space?
  • How can I make my learners comfortable?

Once you have been approved to teach, Outschool will provide a one-on-one call with a mentor. This is not something you HAVE to do, but seems worth the time. Here are some elements the mentor might help with:

  • Make a class listing
  • Schedule times for classes
  • Submit classes for review 

After these steps are completed it is time to get started teaching.

Develop cool lessons

Teachers are creating many diverse and engaging lessons as a result of the flexibility provided by the Outschool platform. From learning letters and numbers to becoming a pastry chef to studying African American History and beyond. There are so many opportunities for teachers to share their wealth of knowledge. Here are some examples of Outschool classes:

The Importance of Being Ultra-Rare: Learning Individuality with LOL Dolls

Teacher holding LOL dolls teaching Outschool class

Learning to be different and embrace your individuality.

Source: @thisislifewithlaney

Bake It Up Baking Club

Teacher creates baking class for teens on Outschool

A baking class for teens!

Source: @misscassidycreates

How to ADHD

Cartoon students in Outschool support group for teens with ADHD

A support group for tweens with ADHD.

Source: @teacher_brittany123

Celebrate us! An Art Lesson on Diversity

Rainbow chalk and cartoon students in Outschool class on diversity

Creating diverse self-portraits.

Source: @dearmamarebel

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall: How A Super Hero Dresses For Every Season

Teacher wearing superhero costume teaching Outschool lesson on weather

Explore the seasons through weather choices.


So, is working for Outschool worth it?

Absolutely! Most importantly because you get to put a value on your lessons. Charge what you want and open your class to the number of students you would like to teach at once. Some teachers have set up a one time 30 minute class for $10 per student while others have set up a four session course for $100 per student. This is the beauty of Outschool. You set the value for what you are teaching and choose when to teach it. How can you go wrong? 

Now more than ever parents are looking for fun and engaging ways for their children to learn. Outschool is where it is at. If you are a teacher who wants more you need to check them out! 

Are you a teacher using Outschool? Share your experiences below!

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Creative Ways Teachers Are Using Outschool