Teachers Share the Small Things Parents Do To Show They Have Their Backs

The things that make a real difference.

Things Parents Do

This year teachers have certainly struggled with parent support. Many felt that we were the enemy or that we are here to fill a customer service role. But there are so many things that parents do to help us, too. Below, our WeAreTeachers social media followers share the small ways parents show appreciation for them and prove they have their backs.

Support you when it comes to their child

They give you their blessing for the consequences you gave to their child. —Juliette

When parents believe us. It is hard when we are made the bad guys. —Melinda C.

Making sure their child takes responsibility for the work. —Danie R.

Make their kids accountable for their actions. —Lily R.


Supporting me when there is a problem with child behavior or academics. —Kara S.

Raising empathetic kids! —Tasha G.

They email to check in on their student and ask how they can support. —Cassie L.


Praise and support you to admin and the community

A parent had observed my Zoom class and sent a detailed letter of praise to my boss. —Tahara C.

Random, positive calls to admin, to say how happy they and their child are. —Amy G.

When they praise us to administration. —Steve

Walking the picket line with us whenever we’re in the middle of strike action. Or bring snacks! —Amy G.

Positive comments in the community. —Carrie G.

Reach out to the principal with positive praise. —Kelly M.

Writing me letters of recommendation to help me get a full-time position. —Lauren E.

Offer gifts and classroom supplies

A surprise gift card for coffee, “just because.” —Holly G.

Drop off a bottle of wine once in a while! —Maura D.

Ask what they can do, donate, or advocate for. They know public schools are stretched. —Amy G.

A grandmother randomly brings in chocolate for teachers or Lysol spray! —Cathie-Rose M.

Sending in a box of tissues every month without being asked! —Claire H.

Offer to buy things for upcoming events. —Erica C

Order us lunch once or twice a year. It’s soooo nice!!

Simply express thanks

Simply saying, “thank you.” —Jessica

Hand-written notes. —Melissa H.

Send encouraging messages in their child’s agenda. —Kyla C.

Random emails saying thank you! —Stephanie E.

I love it when they send me little notes of encouragement. —Jenn W.

Just a note of appreciation makes all the difference. —Megan

Send emails saying, “I see how hard you’re working. Thank you. I really appreciate you.” —Kieran S.

Show respect and kindness

Respecting us by not contacting teachers over the weekend. —Lisa M.

Last year my students & their parents surprised me by doing a parade by MY house! —Brittany

Ask me if there’s anything they can do to help. —Kieran S.

What are ways parents show appreciation for you? Share in the comments below!

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Teachers Share The Small Things Parents Do To Show They Have Their Backs