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21 Amazing and Inspiring Makeover Ideas for School Bathrooms

Make it a place where students feel empowered!

School bathrooms tend to have a bad rep. Historically, they’ve been known for being unkept or where mischief and bullying happen. However, many schools are taking their restrooms back and turning them into havens of inspiration, motivation, and peace. Here’s a look at some of the best and brightest we’ve spotted. We hope they inspire you to change up the mood of your school bathrooms, too. 

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1. Because dots are happy. 

school bathrooms

These bright and playful restrooms at Priceville Elementary School in Decatur, Alabama, are enough to make any kid’s day. Circle decals, inspiring words, and bright colors! We came across this photo on the twitter feed of instructional specialist Shelly Hollis, who wrote,”This bathroom at Priceville El makes me smile!” Same. We found similar circle decals for under $10 dollars.

2. Because brick can be beautiful.  

The art teacher at Olney Elementary School in Philadelphia brought beauty to these bathroom walls. 

3. Because students notice bold design. 

SOURCE: The Artist Cierra Lynnis

Cierra Lynnis is the artist behind this gorgeous bathroom. She says she’s available to travel, principals. Learn more from her Instagram post

4. Because these decals make it easy. 

This idea started from an artist who would volunteer her time to paint positive messages in school bathrooms. She created a set of inexpensive decals that can be added to stalls.  Check them out here.

5. Because the golden rule is timeless. 

school bathrooms

At Greenwood Elementary in Sanford, North Carolina, this mural is painted on the hallway outside the bathroom, reminding students to do the right thing.

6. Because paper flowers bring spring to the walls. 

SOURCE: Wendy Mullins

This parent uses paper flowers to decorate school bathrooms. It’s her way of giving back to the schools her kids attend. 

7. Because being kind is always the right choice. 

SOURCE: Pleasant Hill Art Center

The bathrooms at Pleasant Hill Elementary School focus on a message of kindness. 

8. Because the rain brings rainbows. 

SOURCE: Be Here By Design

Here’s another example of parents coming in and giving the bathroom a makeover. Maybe you could put a callout in your next school newsletter. 

9. Because the ceiling is fair game, too! 

SOURCE: Flower Works

This design completely gets rid of all white space. 

10. Because there really is a leader in all of us. 

SOURCE: Shenandoah Elementary

The parents at Shenandoah Elementary School centered their design on the mirrors. 

11. Because you can always be inspired by what you’ve already got. 

At Bonnieville Elementary in Hart County, Kentucky, teachers and volunteers are working hard to create a fun and inspiring design for the students and staff, beginning with the bathrooms. They used the natural design of the bathroom, which led to a great racetrack! 

12. You can never go wrong with superheroes.

SOURCE: Unknown 

Superheroes inspire kids to reach for greatness—and perhaps even wash their hands. To recreate this look, try these free superhero-themed downloadable bathroom signs. You can find really affordable superhero decals and sayings on Amazon. Now you just need a few volunteers to paint. 

13. Because who needs plain white walls? 

The pastel colors and sponge-paint design of the restrooms at Beaumont Elementary in Waterford, Michigan, have a calming, soothing vibe.

14. Because kid bathrooms CAN have great design. 

school bathroom

This UK school was designed with kid friendliness in mind. The vibrant touches no doubt make their students feel happy, safe, and secure. See more photos of this amazing school here.

15. Because a friendly note can make your whole day. 

school bathrooms

Here’s a much more inexpensive way to build school culture and remind students every day why they matter. Via The Middle School Counselor.

16. Because when you have a staff member with painting skills, you say yes. 

The restrooms at Hightower Elementary School in Doraville, Georgia, were painted by a staff member, and they go a long way in brightening up an otherwise plain space. 

17. Because this message is worth repeating. 

Source: Unknown

This easy bathroom mural gets to the point!

18. Because it’s a good goal to stand tall like a pineapple. 

This pineapple metaphor is a beautiful message to put around bathroom mirrors.

19. Because these words are always worth hearing. 

school bathrooms

Students of all ages and genders can always benefit from a reminder that they’re unique and can handle whatever life throws at them. This mural tells students every single day. 

20. Because sports are an easy (and always popular) theme. 

SOURCE: Unknown 

This one is one of the easiest ones to recreate. You can paint them on or get decals. 

21. Because these teachers are thankfully a little extra. 

As a surprise for the girls who attend their middle school in Alabama, these teachers united over the summer to remodel the bathrooms. The goal? Make every one who looks in the mirror feel beautiful and confident!

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