25 School Bathroom Makeovers That Prove Any Space Can Be Inspiring

Turn blank spaces into inspiring places!

School Bathrooms Painted with Inspiring Words

When you think of school bathrooms, what comes to mind? (This song maybe?) They’re probably not the most beautiful place in your school, yet most students visit them every single day. These days, though, schools are thinking differently. They’re taking their restrooms back and turning them into havens of inspiration, motivation, and peace. Here are some of the best makeovers we’ve seen.

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1. Remind them of the most important bathroom rule of all

Let’s face it: this message is more important than ever these days. This idea from Student PSEA is easy to replicate in your own school bathrooms, especially if you use a pre-cut vinyl decal for the lettering. 

2. Let the sun shine

School Bathrooms Todays Woman

This middle school’s bathrooms each have their own social-emotional learning theme. See more of their inspiring murals at Today’s Woman.

3. Take a trip over the rainbow

Families love to get involved in adding color and happiness to school bathrooms. Visit Be Here By Design on Instagram to see more murals by these awesome parents.

4. Tap your teacher talent pool


Don’t be surprised if your art teacher isn’t the only one with creative skills. Take a look at what the teachers of Wall Intermediate School accomplished.

5. Seriously, teachers are so talented

The restrooms at Hightower Elementary School in Doraville, Georgia, were painted by a staff member, and they go a long way in brightening up an otherwise plain space. 

6. Use bulletin board sets

School Bathrooms Stratford School Pinterest

No one says you have to paint the walls. Add colorful posters or decorations meant for bulletin boards like Stratford School did.

7. Hire a local artist

Cierra Lynn is the artist behind this gorgeous bathroom. She says she’s available to travel, principals. Learn more from her Instagram

8. Encourage them to be-YOU-tiful

School Bathrooms Pinterest

This simple message is so much more important than a wall of mirrors over the sink, don’t you think? Credit goes to The Richmond Observer.

9. Use decals designed for stall doors

This idea started with an artist who volunteered her time to paint positive messages in school bathrooms. She created a set of decals that can be added to stall doors, and the demand was so high she’s created dozens more. Find them all in her Etsy shop.

10. Make it pretty

School Bathrooms Mandy Hipshire Twitter

Those shimmery dots! Somehow they just make everything feel a little more elegant… even school bathrooms. See the rest of the stall decorations from Mandy Hipshire on Twitter.

11. Add giant flowers

Wendy Mullins uses enormous colorful flowers to decorate school bathrooms. It’s her way of giving back to the schools her kids attend.

12. The more color, the better

These bright and playful restrooms at Priceville Elementary School in Decatur, Alabama, are enough to make any kid’s day. Circle decals, inspiring words, and bright colors! We agree with Shelly Hollis, who tweeted, “This bathroom at Priceville El makes me smile!” 

13. Always choose to be kind

This message is timeless. That’s why Pleasant Hill Art Center features it on their bathroom wall.

14. Transform the mirrors

What do kids see when they look in the mirror? At Shenandoah Elementary, they see leaders!

15. Take inspiration from what you’ve got

At Bonnieville Elementary in Hart County, Kentucky, teachers and volunteers are working hard to create a fun and inspiring design for the students and staff, beginning with the bathrooms. They used the natural design of the bathroom, which led to a great racetrack! 

16. Motivate kids with superheroes

This is just one of the terrific ideas we found on the Finley Inspiration Walls Pinterest board. Want to give it a try, but not up to painting? You can find really affordable superhero decals and sayings on Amazon.

17. Rock on with a music motif

Here’s another cool school bathroom idea from the Finley Inspiration Walls Pinterest board. This would be a cool design for a bathroom next to the music room or auditorium.

18. A sports theme is always a winner

One more from the Finley Inspiration Walls Pinterest board , this time featuring sports. Try this one in locker rooms or restrooms near the gymnasium.

19. Design kid-friendly bathrooms from the ground up

This London school was designed to make kids feel happy, safe, and secure. Check out more photos of Rosemary Works School here.

20. Simple solutions are inspiring too

No time or money for murals or decals? Sticky notes to the rescue! The Middle School Counselor adds these positive notes to bathroom mirrors and encourages kids to take one if they need it. (Pro tip: It’s really easy to print on sticky notes. Learn how here.)

21. Feature the pineapple metaphor

Fayetteville Academy did a bathroom makeover a few years ago, and the murals went viral. The pineapple metaphor is one of our favorites.

22. Post motivational messages

For many kids, the words matter more than the design. This school painted a series of motivational quotes in their bathrooms; see more of them here.

23. Create a positive culture

This middle school in Texas had big goals for their bathroom makeover. “The school hopes the uplifting messages create a space of support and love for middle schoolers who may be struggling or feeling alone,” says USA Today.

24. Get students involved

At this Las Vegas school, it was the students who spearheaded the bathroom makeovers. See more of their awesome work here.

25. Really, really make sure they wash their hands

They’re probably tired of hearing it, but the message is vital. This wall was created by Custom Murals for Pentland Primary School in the UK, and we love the details.

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