How Dare This Assistant Principal Reveal What’s Really in the Teachers Lounge

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Still images from TikTok about what's really in the teachers' lounge

This assistant principal reveals what’s really in the teachers lounge, and we don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It’s where we make copies, say bad words at the copy machine, and try to figure out where the heck drawer F9a is because that is where the d%$* paper is stuck, and class starts in 2 minutes.

It’s where we make our coffee and deeply sigh while scratching our heads rather than dealing with the two students who stopped us in the hallway to tell us that there are carrots stopping up the urinal in the boys’ bathroom. (True story.)

It’s where we microwave our smelly meals that the students will complain about in the hallway. 

It’s a sacred space. Our only respite. Just for us.


Of course the students want to know what’s inside, but a la Spanky Farland (of Little Rascals fame), there are no students allowed. It’s our clubhouse and our oasis. 

@BoschVoyage, you crossed the line with this reveal.

The one saving grace of @boschvoyage’s sneaky reveal is that he is nothing short of adorable. 

Here are a few reasons why we’re giving him a pass for his indiscretion.

Reason 1: He takes his job seriously.

Maybe it’s the way he brings the buses in every morning as if Pete Mitchell from Top Gun were sliding in with 54 middle schoolers on a stealth fighter jet. (RIP Goose.) There is just something so silly and sweet about him role-playing his favorite movie at school-drop-off. 

@boschvoyage playing football at recess.
Image via TikTok

Reason 2:  But he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Or it could be the spot-on way that he pokes fun at what people in the building think his job looks like from the outside. It’s all coffee runs, high-fiving kids in the hallway, and playing pass at recess. (We know it’s not, but you’re right, sometimes we wonder.)

@boschvoyage playing football during recess supervision.
Image via TikTok

Reason 3: He’s helping students with executive-functioning skills.

Or maybe it’s the way he gently assists the misguided middle schooler in organizing his backpack in this TikTok. The teacher recommended that said student may need a little help. Just a little. 

Turns out the kid has been carrying a small village around in his backpack since August. Mary Poppins ain’t got nothing on him.

Student dumps entire contents of bookbag onto Vice Principal's desk. There are books, wrappers, pizza, money, and quite a few more things.
Image via TikTok

Reason 4: He understands the importance of setting a good example.

Maybe it’s the way he absolutely nails this student’s behavior, or rather, misbehavior, in this video. As the student blindly walks by the gym sign breaking every school rule listed on said sign, but when asked about it, his response? “What?” And this is the VP’s job. All day long. Answering that “what?” 

Middle school student is eating chips, drinking pop, and chewing gum in front of a sign that says not to.
Image via TikTok

Reason 5: He truly gets kids.

Because I’m a mom of two middle school boys, and we live in Michigan, and this is what they wear in the winter. No one knows why. It’s a strange phenomenon, and @BoschVoyage gets it.

Middle school student wears shorts, short sleeve shirt, and slides in freezing, rainy weather.
Image via TikTok

The teachers lounge reveal

@BoschVoyage, your TikToks show that you are truly in the thick of it. Even though you may feel like an island sometimes. Though you may question every decision you made that led you here every once in a while. When your job may look like a breeze but feel like a different ‘B” word a lot of the time. You have found the absurdity in it all and squeezed joy from the mundane.

So we forgive you for revealing what is really in the teachers lounge. (And we love you for making these TikToks. And for doing this work.)

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The teachers lounge has been revealed in a shocking new TikTok video from a popular vice principal. Here are the deets.