10 Tweets That Show How Teachers Really Feel About Reopening Schools

Teachers aren’t holding back.

"Honestly, I'm Tired" and "Expect Chaos" Tweets from Teachers about Schools Reopening.

As we inch closer to the 2021-2021 school year, there are more questions than answers about opening schools safely. Some states have announced their plans. In August Florida schools will open, and students will attend five days/week. NYC schools are opting for a hybrid plan where students will attend in person 1-3 days/week. Many states have yet to announce their plans, and President Trump and Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos support fully opening schools. With decisions varying state-to-state, and time running out, teachers are taking to Twitter to weigh in: is it safe to go back? Below, these teacher tweets on reopening share how they really feel.

1. Our nerves are on edge

Because getting sick or getting students sick is a real concern.

2. Our mental health matters

Because we’ve been through a lot and this is hard.


3. How is this going to work?


Because the re-opening plans aren’t realistic.

4. So many mixed messages

Because shouldn’t everyone’s safety matter?

5. Take care of us too

Because we need to be part of the conversation.

6.Our families or our jobs?

Because this isn’t a choice we should have to make.

7. Maybe there is a silver lining

Because this is an opportunity for leaders to lead.

8. What about all of our hard work?

Because we have worked harder than ever.

9. We want to get ready

Because time is running out and we want to prepare.

10.They just don’t get it

Because we never stopped teaching and showing up for our kids.

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