25 Teacher Wardrobe Staples You Can Buy on Amazon for Under $25

Treat yo’self!

Teacher Fashion Staples

A new year is almost upon us! What better time than now to weed through your closet and make sure you have the basic teacher fashion staples? These essentials will never go out of style and won’t break the bank. Best of all, you can buy them all on Amazon and have them delivered right to your door.

Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may make a few cents if you buy from links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves!

1. Adamaris cardigan

25 wardrobe staples

A black cardigan is perhaps the most versatile piece of clothing you can own. You can wear it over dresses and shirts, with pants, with skirts—with all the things. This one will look glorious buttoned up or worn open. And, HELLO, CASHMERE FOR UNDER $25!


2. Charles Richards pencil skirt

wardrobe staples

Pencil skirts are like these mystical unicorn-things that you put on your body and instantly look fantastic. Everyone looks good in a pencil skirt. EVERYONE. I have short legs, and they even look good on me once I put on some heels. Grab this black one to go with everything in your new 2018 closet, and don’t be afraid to wear a pattern and mix it up!


3. Vero Monte tights


wardrobe staoles

Good, quality tights are important to have in the drawer when you’re planning to wear a skirt or a dress. After all, classrooms are cold. These fleece-lined tights are adorable. Want to dress up for work but feel like you’re still wearing your pajamas? Put on these.


4. Anna ballerina flats

wardrobe staples

A comfortable pair of ballet flats go a long way, and these shoes add an extra touch of fun with their ballerina slipper detail. Wear these darling flats with a dress and show off your pirouettes; or rock them with some trousers and simply enjoy the comfort and ease of movement.


5. Conceited dress pants

wardrobe staples

If you’re anything like me, you have one pair of dress pants in your closet, and they are so dated that they flare at the bottom and have MUDD on the label. Need a mature, versatile dress trousers that can take you from the classroom to date night? It’s all about the cut of the leg. These straight-leg beauties will flatter and feel great on just about everyone.


6. Refresh ankle boot

wardrobe staples

A flat ankle boot can easily be the most versatile piece of footwear you have in your closet. With the right accessories, you could rock these things wearing a burlap sack. I don’t recommend that, and you won’t find a burlap sack on this list, but you could totally pull it off.


7. Hanlolo circle skirt

wardrobe staples

For a super feminine touch to every wardrobe, I recommend a full or circle skirt. Nothing will make you want to twirl around like you’re in The Sound of Music more than a swishy, swirly skirt, and I love this one in a deep emerald green and the darling bow detail.


8. Joe Browns patterned tights

wardrobe staples

Speaking of skirts, you’re going to need some whimsical tights to wear with them. LOOK AT THESE LITTLE FOX ONES. Imagine wearing them with a black skirt, orange sweater, and those ballet flats on the list. Now that’s a perfect winter weather outfit that even your students will love.


9. Awesome 21 blazer

wardrobe staples

A blazer is a must for every professional closet. You can always go super traditional and get a structured, button-up jacket, or you can go a little unique and snatch up this drapey, open-front blazer in an awesome color like olive green. With olive as a neutral, enhance the outfit with pops of color. It’s a great way to express your brilliant personality.


10. Lil Better chiffon blouse

wardrobe staples

Blouses and tops are a great way to incorporate trend into a professional outfit, but a good chiffon top never goes out of style. A solid-colored V-neck is a classic top that pairs well with every kind of bottom. Throw on a bold statement necklace to bring the party to the classroom.


11. MeiC long sleeve chiffon blouse

wardrobe staples

For a different take on a classic chiffon top, try some long sleeves and a delicate pattern. This polka dot to floral ombre is unexpected but still versatile enough to round out a winter wardrobe for any teacher. Be prepared to look like you spent way more money on yourself than you actually did.


12. Qupid flat heeled boots

wardrobe staples

Over the knee boots (or OTKB, if you will) are all the rage right now. However, if you want to still have the option to go back to the classic knee-high ones, these boots are a great option to have in your closet. Two pairs of boots for the price of one. Everybody wins.


13. Capelli New York scarf

wardrobe staples

If you are only going to buy yourself one scarf this holiday season, it should be a blanket scarf. If you are only going to buy yourself one blanket scarf this holiday season, it should be this blanket scarf. The gorgeous pigeon grey color and subtle plaid matches just about everything. You can wear it every day.


14. Sleeveless cardigan

This is perfect for laying in winter or pretty much any time of the year. It also comes in several colors, so you have plenty of options.


15. Warmen leather gloves

wardrobe staples

It’s time to take the plunge and buy some grown up gloves, folks. Leather gloves are something that most admit they should have but rarely buy for themselves. These genuine leather, cashmere, and wool-blend-lined gloves are an absolute steal.


16. KXP Peacoat

wardrobe staples

LOOK AT THIS COAT … LOOK AT THE LINES ON THIS COAT … THIS COAT IS UNDER $25?! Seriously, this is such a classic style in a classic color that it is definitely a must have in your closet.


17. Iukio handbag

wardrobe staples

Every teacher needs a good tote bag. And by tote bag, I don’t mean a reusable grocery bag from Whole Foods. The two-strap length option on this bag is ideal for comfort, and it comes in some gorgeous colors.


18. LocalMode plaid shirt

wardrobe staples

Let’s talk about fit. A nice, fitted button-down shirt is a must for your wardrobe. I love this one with the contrasting cuffs. Move your white button downs to the back of the closet and treat yourself to some color and patterns.


19. Ohoo vest

wardrobe staples

Wearing a sweater-vest to school doesn’t automatically make you Chandler Bing. DO NOT BE AFRAID. As I said before, this is all about fit. A slim-fitting, close-to-the-body knit vest is always going to be the way to go.


20. Mocotono sweater

wardrobe staples

A great way to get away with dressing down a button-down shirt is to take off the tie and throw on a nice, thin sweater. There’s nothing “casual Friday” about this look!


21. Wild Ties teacher tie

wardrobe staples

A wardrobe staple doesn’t mean it has to be super serious. You can look professional with a whimsical tie like this to make sure everyone around you remembers what you’re all about.


22. Sukragraha tie clip

wardrobe staples

If a whimsical tie is a little too much for your style, this classy tie clip is another great way to subtly add a touch of your profession to your wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with this inexpensive clip.


23. Amali boots

wardrobe staples

A solid ankle boot is something everyone should have in their wardrobe, and being able to find a good pair for under $25 is definitely a steal. I love that these are a surprising navy blue, instead of the traditional black or brown.


24. Shibever oxfords

wardrobe staples

Like a good pair of flat boots, oxford shoes are another must-have for any professional’s wardrobe. Again, I went with a navy blue color to add some fun to any neutral outfit you wear to school. All that’s missing is a fun pair of socks. Speaking of socks …


25. hdksb socks

wardrobe staples

A nice pair of fun socks is a great way to show your personality—IN A SECRET WAY. Nobody has to know how fun you are or how much you love your job, unless you want them to. I recommend you let everyone know, but that’s just me. But for those who like hide their wild side, grab these cool narwhal socks.


What would you add to a list of essential teacher fashion staples?