Here’s Everything That Should Go in Your Teacher Survival Kit

It’ll be your secret fix-it box!

Here's What Should Go Inside Your Teacher Survival Kit

Every educator working in the classroom needs a teacher survival kit. 

You know those days when you … are fighting a cold, didn’t have time to stop for coffee, spilled ketchup on your new shirt, need a pick-me-up, or are in desperate need of a mint?  The teacher survival kit has you covered! We used the magic of a Caboodle (yes, Caboodles have been rereleased and are available on Amazon!) to create this amazing kit. 

Nearly everything in it came from the travel- and trial-size section of a local store. We also created a downloadable set of labels in case you want to print them to create your own. (This would make an amazing gift for a first year teacher.) 

Here’s a video showing the kit came together. Plus, get our tips for what to put inside. 



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When it’s a little personal … 


Whether you forgot yours for the day or you really sweated it out during that science unit, this will always come in handy. 

Body powder 

On the days when extra deodorant isn’t enough, this will be your best friend. 

Waterless razor 

It’s perfect for little touch-ups or “how in the world did I miss that?” moments. 

Dry shampoo 

It’ll perk up your hair midday. 


It’s always good to have a mint handy, especially when you have that one-on-one meeting with your principal after lunch. 

When you’re feeling a little meh … 

Cough drops 

Your voice will thank you. 

Gas relief 

You don’t need it … until you do. And then you will be oh-so glad you have it. 

Headache meds 

Sure, you could run to the office to get some. But having them right in your own classroom is even better. 


You know those days where you’re not really contagious anymore but you still don’t feel great? This will get you through. 


These will come in handy during the afternoon lull. 

When you forgot some essentials … 


You forgot you had recess duty, and it’s cloudless and sunny. Reach for your teacher kit! 


With so much handwashing during the day, you need some moisturizer. 

Wrinkle releaser 

This is for those days when you really struggled to make it to school on time. 

When you’re looking for a little pick-me-up … 

Here's What Should Go Inside Your Teacher Survival Kit

Listerine strips 

They are really powerful, but sometimes you need that. 

Instant coffee packs 

No teacher should ever be without coffee. 


Sometimes it can really perk up your day and leave you feeling refreshed. 

Toothbrush and toothpaste 

For those after-lunch meals you enjoyed that are still lingering. 


This should be a daily reward. 

When you’re dealing with a situation … 


Teachers always need to have Band-Aids within reach. 

Nail kit 

This includes a file and clippers. You’ll be so glad you have this when you find a hangnail. 

Stain pen or stick 

Dropped ketchup on your shirt during lunch? No worries. 

Eye drops

Great for your contacts, when you have something in your eye, or you just need some extra moisture. 

When you need a clean start … 

Facial towelettes 

Because it can be just the thing you need to hit the reset button. 

Lint roller

This is absolutely essential if you have pets. 

Hand sanitizer 

You already have this in your classroom, but a backup supply is a must. 

Disinfectant spray 

For when you’re dealing with vomit … or flu season … or other everyday parts of being a teacher. 

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Here's Everything That Should Go in Your Teacher Survival Kit