17 Favorite Teacher Name Signs to Personalize Your Classroom

Such a fun way to show off your personality!

Teacher Name Signs

Teacher name signs are helpful for students, parents, and visitors to your school. But they’re also a fun way to show off your own personality! Here are some of our favorite name signs to hang in your own classroom.

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1. School Supplies

Sign made of wooden rulers with crayon decorations and the name Mrs. Buzzard (Teacher Name Signs)

The ruler background plus colorful crayons and other school supplies make this a perfect name sign for any teacher.

Buy it: FoxandScoutDesigns/Etsy

2. Cutout Name

Wooden name sign of black cursive lettering

When you want to keep it simple and classy, this wood cutout sign fits the bill. You can customize the size and color.


Buy it: ThreeArrowsCo/Etsy

3. String Art

Teacher names spelled out in colorful string strung between nails (Teacher Name Signs)

String art is popular again, so we love these teacher name signs that capitalize on the fad! The shop also sells DIY kits so you can try this craft out for yourself.

Buy it: ABUnderwoodCo2/Etsy


4. Notebook Paper

Wooden notebook paper sign with Mrs. Denison written on it with a colorful bow

Notebook paper might not get quite as much use these days as it once did, but it’s still a staple in most classrooms. That’s why we love it as the background for this cute sign.

Buy it: HandWCraftStudio/Etsy

5. Wooden Apple

Laser cut sign of balsa wood in the shape of an apple, with a teacher's name and various symbols of education (Teacher Name Signs)

Here’s an apple for the teacher! This sign comes in several versions, and you can choose from unpainted wood or a red finish.

Buy it: BrainCageDesignsUS/Etsy

6. Science Lab Beakers

Science Beaker Name Sign

What’s a science lab without beakers and microscopes? This name sign has all the elements any science teacher will love.

Buy it: dream3Dprint/Etsy

7. Floral Name Plate

Clear acrylic name sign with floral decoration in the corners, mounted on a block of wood (Teacher Name Signs)

Mount this elegant name sign outside your door or set it on your desk in the included wood block holder. The shop offers lots of different styles too.

Buy it: Artswave/Etsy

8. Scrabble Tiles

Name signs made from Scrabble letter tiles and wooden accents

Word-loving educators will love these Scrabble teacher name signs! Each includes small embellishments that can be customized.

Buy it: EduCreateCrafts/Etsy

9. Found Letters

Letters in a variety of styles mounted on black wood blocks to spell Ms Olson (Teacher Name Signs)

This artist photographs different letters, then assembles them to create a unique sign for your favorite teacher. Choose from several sizes and color palettes.

Buy it: LettersofLoveDesigns/Etsy

10. Metal Circle

Metal laser cut sign in the shape of a circle with ruler, pencil, apple, and teacher name (Teacher Name Signs)

Need a sturdy sign that will last for years and can even be mounted outdoors? Then check out this laser-cut metal option, which comes in black, silver, and red.

Buy it: LaserMetalDesign/Etsy

11. Chalkboard and Rulers

Teacher Name Sign Chalkboard and Ruler

Wooden rulers frame an old-fashioned blackboard background in this classic teacher sign. It’s lightweight, making it easy to hang.


12. Stuffed Letters

Stuffed felt letters spelling out Miss Perry (Teacher Name Signs)

How sweet would one of these fabric teacher name signs look hanging in a Pre-K or kindergarten classroom? You can choose the colors of the letters, but we think this rainbow version is pretty much perfect.

Buy it: Kidish/Etsy

13. Math Operations Sign

Red wood sign with cutouts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division signs and teacher name

This one is for the math teachers! Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division signs accent the 3D printed name.

Buy it: Math Teacher Sign Dream3DPrint/Etsy

14. Stack of Books

Wood sign depicting stack of books and an apple with teacher name printed on it (Teacher Name Signs)

A stack of books topped by an apple makes this an excellent sign for English teachers or librarians. It’s hand-painted, and you can choose the colors of the books.

Buy it: CraftsbyKrisH/Etsy

15. 3D Letters

3D Printed Name SIgn

Announce your name with colorful 3D letters. This simple sign works for every kind of teacher and classroom.

Buy it: My3Ddesigns/Etsy

16. Bookworm Sign

Wood sign with bookworm on a stack of books, Dr. Seuss quote, and teacher name (Teacher Name Signs)

Dr. Seuss fans will treasure this adorable sign, featuring a quote from Oh, The Places You’ll Go. Plus, how charming is that little bookworm?

Buy it: ToadAndLily/Etsy

17. Art Teacher Sign

Teacher name sign with art supplies like paint palette and paintbrushes (Teacher Name Signs)

Creative teachers will appreciate the art supplies featured on this wood sign. Customize the font to suit your style.

Buy it: DoodlePadDesigns/Etsy

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