25 Clever and Cute Name Crafts and Activities

What’s in a name? So much learning!

Six images of name crafts with paper.

One of the first things most kids learn is how to spell and then write their name. Parents can introduce these fun and free name crafts and activities at home, or teachers can use them in the classroom. Either way, kids are going to love them!

1. Say it, make it, write it

Name Crafts

This concept is popular for helping kids learn letters and words, including names. The “make it” section opens up all sorts of creative opportunities!

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2. Make a name kit

This is so cool! Give each child their own name kit filled with magnetic letters, a sentence strip puzzle, and more. This is a neat way to allow them to practice on their own.

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3. Assemble name picture puzzles


This is one of our absolute favorite name crafts, and it’s perfect for back-to-school. Help kids learn the names of everyone in their class (and how to spell them) with a set of classroom name puzzles.

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4. Cover names with dot stickers

Name Crafts

Combine hand-eye coordination practice with learning to spell names when you use dot stickers. Kids always get such a kick out of this.

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5. Park toy cars in a name garage

Label “parking spots” with the letters of your child’s name. Then, as they drive each car into a spot, they say the letter and practice spelling!

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6. Make colorful rainbow name crafts

These vivid rainbow name crafts would look fantastic on your classroom windows, don’t you think? And they’re so easy to make!

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7. Go on a name hunt

Name Crafts

Active learners will really enjoy this name activity. Hide letters on sticky notes around the room, and have them hunt for the ones that make up their name. (Find more awesome ways to use sticky notes in the classroom here.)

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8. Piece out names with paper bits

Name Crafts

These colorful name crafts give little ones fine motor skills practice as they glue small paper pieces to make up the letters of their name.

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9. Hang names from a mini clothesline

Name Crafts

This looks like so much fun! Use clothespins to clip letters to a clothesline to spell names and other words.

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10. Have a bowl of alphabet soup

Name Crafts

Use a spoon to dig the letters of your name out of a bowl of “alphabet soup.” Younger kids can match letters as written on spoons, while older kids can simply seek and find.

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11. Drive down name roads

Name Crafts

Toy car lovers will adore zooming their vehicles along a road that spell their name! Try this with railroad tracks and toy trains too.

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12. Scoop up ice cream names

Grab the free printable cones and scoops and have kids cut them out. Then use them to stack up some totally sweet ice cream name crafts!

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13. Create paint stick name crafts

Name Crafts

Glue magnetic strips to paint sticks and attach a child’s picture to the top. Then use alphabet magnets to spell their name. Such a smart tool!

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14. Scratch and sniff your name

All you need is glue and Jello powder to make these scratch-and-sniff name crafts. Tip: Pair this with activities for learning the five senses!

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15. Knock over name buckets

Name Crafts

Label small buckets with name letters, then head outside to see if you can knock them down with a spray from the hose! No hose? Knock them down with tennis balls instead, or try to toss the balls into the buckets.

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16. Turn names into crystals

Kids are mesmerized by crystal experiments, and it’s easy to see why. Have them twist pipe cleaners into the letters of their name, then visit the link below to learn how to turn them into crystals.

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17. Spell names with Play-Doh

Name Crafts

Play-Doh is endlessly fun, but there are a lot of ways to learn with it too. For instance, shape it into the letters of your name!

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18. Play a game of name hockey

Let kids shoot and score using paper plate hockey pucks labeled with the letters of their name. Everybody wins!

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19. Pop the letters of your name

Name Crafts

Who doesn’t love to get their hands on some bubble wrap and pop away? Have kids trace the letters of their name as they pop.

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20. Stamp out names

Letter stamps give kids a little hand-eye coordination practice while they spell out their name and other words.

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21. Put together flower name crafts

Build cheerful flowers with letter petals with these free printable name crafts. They’ll look terrific lining your classroom wall! 

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22. Outline rainbow names

Name Crafts

This is a fun way to have kids make name tags for the first few days of school while everyone is still getting to know each other. 

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23. Clip names with clothespins

Attach wood letters to clothespins, and you’ve got an easy set of spelling manipulatives! Have them clip their name or other words to a large wood craft stick.

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24. Wear name bracelets

Kids will love making and wearing these easy name crafts! They can personalize them with other beads you have on hand too.

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25. Graph the number of letters in each name

Name Activities

Introduce the idea of graphing with this name activity. Kids count the number of letters in their name and see who has the most and the least.

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25 Clever and Cute Name Crafts and Activities