Teacher HELPLINE: What’s the perfect parting gift for my student teacher?

Teacher Jackie writes: “What’s a great gift I can give my student teacher as he finishes out his semester teaching[…]Continue Reading

Teacher Jackie writes:

“What’s a great gift I can give my student teacher as he finishes out his semester teaching with me? I want to get him something that could be useful when he starts his first real teaching job. He’s going to be teaching Spanish.”

Successful completion of student teaching is a tremendous accomplishment that deserves recognition! Below, our helpliners weigh in on fabulous gifts for new world language teachers.

  • A Teachers Pay Teachers gift card, Amazon gift card, or a nice tote bag for carrying all those papers back and forth! – Aubrey J.
  • A coffee mug, assorted tea bags, hot chocolate mix, apple cider mix, and some snacks. – Christina W.  
  • Spanish language comic books. – Raymond F.
  • I was broke when I student taught, so I really appreciated getting gift cards to local coffee shops and frozen yogurt places so I could treat myself. – Alyssa B.
  • How about stickers in Spanish from a teacher store to use on future student work? – Emily C.
  • A teacher planner with positive, encouraging messages written in the notes section of random days. – Caroline R.
  • A teacher bag with the student teacher’s name on it! Fill it with fun supplies, like pens, post-its, and a clipboard. – Casey U.
  • I’m a Spanish teacher too, and I love getting anything that is Spanish-related: books, stickers, DVDs, bookmarks–anything I can use in class. – Amy J.
  • A set of two dictionaries: Spanish-English and Spanish-Spanish. – Marci R.
  • An apple-scented candle. – Donna K.
  • A copy of The First Days of School, by Harry and Rosemary Wong. It gives really useful advice on how to approach classroom management, which will be essential for a first-year teacher. – Erin F.
  • A subscription to a Spanish magazine. – Ethan A.

What are some other great gift ideas for future world language teachers? Join the conversation over at the Teacher HELPLINE!