You Have to See the Gift This Student Gave Her Teacher

And yes, she wore it proudly.

See this teacher gift for yourself.

For two months straight, a young girl in Shaniece Haywood’s second grade classroom has been asking her the same question: “What’s your favorite color?”

Her response has been the same each time. “Yellow.” Then one day, the repetitive question all made sense when the little girl walked into the classroom beaming and holding a gift bag for her teacher. Shaniece suspected there might be something yellow inside, but imagine her surprise when she pulled out a beautiful yellow(ish) dress, complete with a belt.

We loved hearing the story of this dress on her TikTok account, Being Shaniece, where she shares many great stories from teaching in the classroom. We recently caught up with Shaniece to ask her a bit more about this sweet moment. (And keep scrolling to see Shaniece wearing the dress!)


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When did this little girl first ask you about your favorite color?

She first asked me back in December. She would ask me at least once a week, “What’s your favorite color again?”

Did you think she had something planned?

I first thought she was asking the question because she wanted to draw a picture for me. Then she stated one of those times after she asked, she was going to get me something.

How did she give you the dress?

She came to school smiling with a blue gift bag as I stood at the classroom door.

How did it make you feel?

I felt like the kind gesture was beyond thoughtful and meaningful. I did get emotional when I opened the bag to see that the question was being asked over and over again because she wanted to make sure she got the color that I kept telling her. She was determined to put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes.

How did she and the class react?

They loved it. She was asking me when am I going to wear the dress and even demanded that I wear the dress the next day. All of her classmates started chanting “Wear the dress tomorrow!” The day I wore the dress, she had the biggest grin as she walked up to me standing at the classroom door.

How do moments like this make teaching worthwhile?

Moments like this make me feel that I am making an impact and students see the impact even on the days when I don’t. I have been asked to wear the dress again, which I plan to do. And this will always help me remember how the little moments matter.

Teacher wears the yellow dress from her teacher gift

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This teacher gift truly surprised this 2nd grade teacher. For months, one of her students asked her what her favorite color is.