Just One Day of Teacher Emotions as Told By Taylor Swift

Tell us how we feel, Tay-Tay.

Just One Day of Teacher Emotions as Told by Taylor Swift

One day of being in the classroom comes with one hundred teacher emotions and, wouldn’t ya know it, Taylor Swift has captured every one them. Below, she illustrates just some of what the average teacher goes through, ranging from blissed-out satisfaction to simmering frustration and everything in between. Show us how we feel, Tay-Tay!

1. Excitement

It’s gonna be the best day ever!

2. Confident

You know you killed that lesson on the solar system ’cause every kid just aced their test.

3. Nervous

It’s your first time teaching a lesson in the brand-new curriculum, and the principal just dropped in. Awesome!

4. Focused

You have 68 papers to grade, 12 essays to read, five parents to email, and one episode of Game of Thrones to get through. Everybody back off.

5. Confused


Hmmm … You’re pretty sure you said turn to page 24, not turn to your neighbor and talk some more.

6. Unexpected Pride

Your students all did what they were supposed to do! The first time you asked! And on a Friday at 3:00!

7. Justified

Remember how you told your students more than once that there was gonna be a quiz today? And you wrote it on the board? And you had them write it in their assignment notebook? Well, now here’s the quiz, so your students shouldn’t look so shocked.

8. Freaked Out

There was a lice outbreak last week at school, and now you just can’t stop thinking about it. Oh. So. Itchy. 

9. Zoned Out

Staff meeting? Inservice day?

10. Anger

The first time your class sees you get mad.

11. Playful

Because learning should be fun! At least sometimes.

12. Grateful

Working with 20+ kids on a daily basis is challenging, but it’s also crazy rewarding.

13. Annoyed

Who’s interrupting your 15-minute working lunch? This better be important.

14. Embarrassed

That time when you tripped down the stairs. Or slipped in the hall. Or walked into that door. There are so many embarrassing options to pick from.

15. Enchanted

Did you just witness your entire class collaborating and being productive and respectful and smiling?! Darn it, they’re the best!

16. Disgusted

Did that kid just eat a booger?! Off that other kid’s eraser?!

17. Nuts

It’s winter. No one has had a break in six weeks, and spring break is still weeks away. You’ve been sick for the last two weeks, and there’s been indoor recess for the last three days. That parent is still emailing you daily. Your report card grades didn’t upload properly into the system. Someone keeps stealing your favorite pens. Your own children are acting just as wild as the kids in your classroom, and there’s no telling what you’ll do if that kid in the corner doesn’t stop making that squeaking noise!

What teacher emotions are we missing? Leave your suggestions in the comments!