16 Hacks for Keeping Your Teacher Desk Organized (Yes, Really!)

Sticky notes, paperclips, and pens, oh my!

17 Organization Tips for Your Teacher Desk to Calm the Clutter

Teacher desks often become chaos by the end of the week—or sometimes even by the end of the school day! These teacher desk organization tips are easy to implement and will help you control the clutter! With a range of solutions, you’re sure to find one that will help keep you sane.

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1. Start a teacher toolbox

Teacher toolbox kit with drawers

Not enough drawer space? Keep all of the essentials at your fingers tips with a multiple drawer toolbox kit like this! The best part is you can customize it however you like (even include a drawer for chocolate pick-me-ups).

Source: @teachingprimarywithkatelyn

2. Add a cart for extra storage

Teacher desk storage cart

Extend your desk with a storage cart for more organization space. The mobility of the cart also allows you to bring it around the classroom if you store items you may want to grab as you teach a lesson.


Source: @thepinspiredteacher


3. Utilize the wall space

Teacher desk organization on the wall

Here’s a great solution to the cluttered desk. Using the wall space near your desk is a game changer! If you have a filing cabinet or magnetic surface nearby, add magnetic clips for papers, magnetic baskets for pens, or magnetic round tins for paper clips and tacks. If you don’t have a magnetic area, try command strips.

Source: @teacherinthejungle

4. Lazy Susan to the rescue

Lazy Susan on teacher desk

Lazy Susans aren’t just for spices in the kitchen! Try one out on your desk and give it spin to pick up exactly what you need.

Source: @marleymegb

5. Pick up a makeup organizer

Makeup organizer on teacher desk

Acrylic makeup organizers have the perfect little compartments that will fit all of your teacher accessories, too! Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing this one is.

Source: @primary_positivity

6. Add a pegboard

Teacher desk pegboard organization

If your desk is up against or alongside a wall, attach a pegboard. Customize your storage with different hooks or pegboard baskets to fit your organization needs.

Source: @mrs.misjunskindergarten

7. Wall shelving clears desk space

Wall shelving at teacher desk

Shelving can be so helpful to remove items that don’t need to be sitting on your desk. Give yourself more space by easily mounting a shelf.

Source: @prayandteach

8. Ditch the file drawer

Teacher file folder box

If you have a desk drawer filled with files, consider moving them to a file storage container to free up space. You’ll now have so much room for more things you need on a daily basis!

Source: @coffeeteachandinspire

9. Put items in pouches

Teacher pouch for personal items

Pouches are so easy to throw in your drawers without having to worry about things being a mess. Grab an array of pouches that you can fill with personal items, pens, notepads to attend meetings, and more. Plus, clear pouches make it easy to see what’s inside.

Source: @teachinghistoryinthemiddle

10. Add a desk shelf

Desk shelf on teacher desk

A desk shelf adds another layer of storage to your space. You can store smaller items underneath, with easy-to-grab essentials on top.

Source: @coloringincardigans

11. Label everything

File folders with labels

If you have files or other paper folders in a desk drawer, be sure to label them for easy access. We’re sure you’re already on the label train, but if not, a label maker is worth the investment.

Source: @mrsjonescreationstation

12. Take time to organize drawers

teacher drawer organization with cups

Tired of wasting time shuffling through drawers? Take the time to organize items for easy access. Pick up a set of desk drawer organizers, set aside an hour, and thank us later for having taken the next step of teacher desk organization.

Source: @mrs.craftandteach

13. Downsize what you don’t need

Cluttered teacher desk

We know you love that teacher mug from the holidays, but does it need to sit on your desk? Cutting down on the number of items you have will make you feel more organized as a whole. We know teacher desks can often get chaotic like pictured above during busy days, and getting rid of items that aren’t in use is a helpful tip to combat this.

Source: @missgirlingsclassroom

14. Organize your cords

cord clip cord organization

There’s nothing more frustrating than a mess of tangled cords. These cord clips are so helpful and can attach anywhere on your desk to keep pesky cords from running about.

Source: @ispeakorganized

15. Use the sides of your desk

Command hooks hanging papers on the side of a desk

With some command hooks and binder clips, you now have a new area to store student handouts or display a sign

Source: @beccasmusicroom

16. Create a space you love

Teacher classroom and desk set up

You should work, grade, and make lesson plans in a space you love. Do yourself a favor and make your teacher desk functional, yet inviting. Add pops of your favorite colors, patterns, or pictures of family and pets. Having an area you appreciate will only make you more willing to keep your teacher desk organized.

Source: @justateacherfromakron

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