Best Sources for Teacher Clipart (Including Lots of Free Options!)

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Looking for ways to jazz up your Google Slides or Seesaw activities? Trying to find the right printable images for a bulletin board? You need some teacher clipart! The internet is full of clipart sources, but some are better than others. Here are our top recommendations.

Pro Tip: Many clipart sites allow you to choose the file type for your download. If you’re unclear about the differences between JPG, PNG, and SVG, check out this article. Plus, learn what vector files are and how to use them.

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Free Teacher Clipart Sources

Illustration of row of beakers on a table in front of a chalkboard (Best Teacher Clipart)

Source: Classroom Clipart

We know teachers have limited budgets, and fortunately, the internet is absolutely full of good sources for quality free clipart. These sites may require attribution in some cases, so be sure to check the rules before you use images.

Classroom Clipart


As the name indicates, this site was designed to be a top resource for teacher clipart. The index makes it easy to find images by subject, and they offer some animated clipart too. All images are available as free JPG downloads (or GIFs for animated images) for personal use but do contain a copyright watermark. You can sign up for a paid account for additional file types and online editing tools, starting at $19.95 per year.


Pixabay offers a huge array of clipart along with photos, and everything truly is free, including for commercial use. Most clipart is offered in both PNG and SVG formats. You’ll need a free account to download higher resolution and SVG images, but you can easily use your Google account login to simplify things.


Freepik has lots of great teacher clipart options, but be aware that all require attribution unless you sign up for a paid account ($10/month). The downloads on this site are a little clunky since they automatically give you a ZIP file with both JPG and EPS (vector) files included. If you don’t need the EPS file for an image, skip the download button and simply right-click the image, and save it as a JPG. Each image also includes the info you need for proper attribution, whether online or in print.


This is a very popular source for vector clipart along with photos. The free membership gives you access to a big library of images, all of which require attribution and have commercial limitations. If you sign up for a Pro account (starting at $9/month), you get even more images, faster downloads, and full commercial rights with no attribution needed. Downloads automatically include JPG and EPS files, and a built-in editor allows you to work with the image directly in Vekteezy and download your changes (both free and pro).


As you might guess from the name, all clipart here is in PNG form with transparent backgrounds. It’s also all free but requires attribution and cannot be used for commercial print items. The site also includes customizable templates and slides. You’ll need to sign up for a free account to download images, which are limited to two per day. A paid account gives you more daily downloads and full commercial access with no attribution needed.


This no-frills site is super-easy to use: just right-click and download images, no account needed. The images are indeed cute, perfect for Pre-K and elementary classrooms. Teachers are welcome to use this clipart however they like, including for sites like Teachers Pay Teachers, as long as they provide attribution to the creator. Most images are PNGs with transparent backgrounds.


ClipartPal’s Public Domain section includes lots of classroom-friendly teacher clipart. Since it’s all in the public domain, you can use the files however you like, personally or commercially. Files may be smaller in size or quality, though, and the site is a little awkward to use. Still, it’s a good option to have on your list.

ClipArt ETC

The University of South Florida created this library of teacher clipart specifically with educators in mind. Images are black-and-white illustrations, and the site really shines when it comes to scientific drawings of plants, animals, and more. Teachers and students can use up to 50 items in a single personal-use project. If you want to use images commercially, you can purchase them individually.


Everything on Openclipart is available for any kind of use, including commercial, no attribution required. The selection isn’t the best we’ve seen, but it’s nice to be able to choose between SVG and various sizes of PNG files.

Paid Teacher Clipart Sources

Teacher clipart set from

Source: Vector Characters

Sometimes it’s worth it to pay for your clipart, especially when you have very specific needs. It’s also a smart way to go when you create items for sale, so you’ll know for sure you have the rights to the images you want to use. School Edition is a popular paid resource for quality clipart in a wide variety of vector and non-vector file types. Buy images individually, or sign up for an account and pay one fee for unlimited use. An Educational license costs $99.95 a year and provides single-user access for non-commercial use. If you want to use images commercially, you’ll need a Professional license instead, currently about $200/year.


Shutterstock is a well-known source for stock photos, videos, and vector clipart. The quality here is excellent, and the standard license covers both personal and basic commercial use. Subscriptions are sold as images per month, with the lowest plan currently 10 images a month for $29 (billed annually). You get a free one-month trial to see if Shutterstock is right for you.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is another prominent stock image site, with photos, vector clipart, and more. As with Shutterstock, you’re getting top-quality clipart here, available for personal and basic commercial use with a standard license. Like Shutterstock, plans work on an images per month basis, starting at $29 for 10 images per month. Some items are premium and must be purchased using credits instead.

Teachers Pay Teachers

If you love a particular blogger or TPT seller’s style, check to see if they sell their teacher clipart on Teachers Pay Teachers! Many offer themed packs by subject at varying prices, and there’s even a big selection of free clipart available. Just search by “clipart” on the site to see your options.

Vector Characters

Looking to show off your personality? Try Vector Characters! These sets of cartoon characters are perfect for creating online tutorials with helpful teachers in different poses. The standard license gives you personal and commercial usage rights. Some smaller sets are free, while Premium characters are sold by the set. You can also save by purchasing credits.

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Best Sources For Teacher Clipart (Including Lots of Free Options!)