More than ever, our country is examining the laws that were put in place to protect and guide us. It can be overwhelming, however, to explain exactly how that works. To help you give your lesson plans a boost, we’ve put together this list of resources that help teach kids about the branches of government.

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1. Three Branches of Government Lesson Plan

This official guide to the United States government teaches students about the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Use it to identify checks and balances, the groups that make up each group, and more!

2. The 3 Branches of Government at a Glance

This great chart provides a simple overview to teach kids about the branches of government. Discuss it and then use to build an anchor chart!

3. What is Congress?

This site includes a glossary as well as a teacher’s area filled with resources, activities, and lesson plans. 

4. Three Branches of Government Activity Book

teach kids about the branches of government

This mini book will transform your social studies block. It breaks down the information your students need to know and makes learning about the three branches of government fun.

5. Branches of Government

How does our government run? In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby introduce kids to the three different branches of the United States government.

6. 3 Branches of Government Activities

This hands-on activity set comes in digital and printable formats to teach students all about the checks and balances of the Three Branches of the U.S. Government

7. Kids Academy — 3 Branches of Government


This short video teaches kids about the branches of government in under five minutes!

8. Federal Government of the United States Facts for Kids

Quick facts about the federal government of the United States.

9. Our Government: The Three Branches

Students will build literacy skills and social studies content knowledge as they learn about the three branches of government and the purpose of this separation of powers. 

10. 3 Branches of Government Activity & US History Research

These pennant posters are perfect for a quick interactive activity to study the US Branches. Your students will love researching and studying.

11. .Fast Fact: Branches of Government

This brief overview includes a helpful graphic to give kids a visual representation of how the branches of government work together. 

12. Three Branches of Government Activity Pack & Flip Book

This no-prep activity pack about the Three Branches of Government has it all with leveled reading passages, vocabulary posters, and a flipbook!

13. What Are the Branches of Government?

Kids can easily navigate this simplified site to learn more about the three branches of government.

14. Three Branches of Government Activities

This resource contains an activity for distance learning for students to input their responses in answer boxes and to use other tools to draw and highlight. 

15. Branches Of Government Poster Set

Teach kids all about how the U.S. Government operates with this Branches of Government Poster Set featuring live photography and the main duties of each branch. 

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15 Activities & Websites to Teach Kids About the Branches of Government