8 Videos To Teach the Inauguration Process

Learn the Oath of Office and more!

Collage of video stills that teach the inauguration process

Inauguration Day is here! While many students have followed along with the election process, they may not know what actually takes place during the inauguration ceremony. Want to share some of the history, facts, and the process that happens? We’ve got you covered! These nine videos will help you teach the inauguration process in the classroom. Plus, find out what happens at the White House behind the scenes as they quickly move one president in … and one president out.

Everything You Need to Know About Presidential Inaugurations

Learn how this day is important for Americans and the steps each incoming president follows. Also includes the text of the Oath of Office.

What Is Inauguration Day: Facts for Kids

The kids from Hey! Guess What walk through the facts of Inauguration Day. 

Mrs. Kim Reads Inauguration Day

Mrs. Kim reads her own book, Inauguration Day.

America 101: What Happens on Inauguration Day?

Learn the exact steps followed on Inauguration Day with a focus on the speech given and how it sets the tone for the presidency.

5 Surprising Facts About U.S. Presidential Inaugurations


National Geographic walks us through five facts you may not know about the inaugural process.

History of the U.S. Presidential Inauguration


Learn about the humble beginnings of this day.

A History of the U.S. Presidential Inauguration Day

WatchMojo.com walks us through the history of the dates of the inauguration.

What Happens Inside the White House on Inauguration Day

This video shows what happens inside the White House as they move one president out and another one in!

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Plus, prepare for President’s Day with these activities

8 Videos To Teach the Inauguration Process