Free Guide: How Educators Can Support Families Learning At Home

Give families literacy strategies that work

Sponsored By Square Panda
A pamphlet about smart ideas to support early learning at home by SquarePanda.

Parents want to help their children learn to read. They snuggle up in chairs with their kids and read to them, but sometimes they need a little help knowing what else works. That’s why we worked with our friends at Square Panda to share six practical ways to help early learners succeed at school.

Grab this guide and send it home to families. They’ll learn about:

  • Using consistent language about schoolwork
  • Working on only one or two learning goals at a time
  • Understanding how important play is to learning
  • Connecting to reading personally
  • Turning screen time into learning time
  • Getting kids to learn in all kinds of places, like the car or the grocery store!

When to share this guide

In parent communications: When parents email or call and want to know what they could be doing at home, this guide can be a great way to provide clear ways parents can support their children.

During a staff meeting: With all the things teachers are expected to think about these days, concrete information is appreciated. Send the guide in an email before a staff meeting and ask teachers to bring additional activities families could try at home.

On social media or in a newsletter: If you’re looking for content families will appreciate, consider sharing this guide on social media or in a newsletter to distribute it to a larger audience. This can also bolster community confidence in understanding how to help.

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