Free Summer Reading Bundle for Use in the Classroom or at Home

Encourage kids to read all summer long with our reading log, goals worksheet, and bingo card!

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Summer reading log bundle

Summer reading is one of the most valuable ways to help kids retain knowledge and build on their skills while not in the classroom. It helps create lifelong readers while improving vocabulary, literacy skills, reading stamina, and more. Together with The Week Junior, we’ve created a bundle that includes a summer reading log, bingo challenge, and goals worksheet that are great tools to keep kids reading both inside the classroom and at home.

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Check out what’s included in the summer reading log bundle:

Summer Reading Log Worksheet

summer reading log worksheet

Bingo Challenge and Goals Worksheet

summer reading bingo card and goals worksheet

Classroom Use:

  • Before the school year ends, have students begin their goals worksheet to set expectations for summer reading. Then, send them home with the rest of the bundle to help them keep track of their progress.
  • Use the reading log in your classroom to keep track of weekly reading assignments. There’s even a version with a section for parent signatures!
  • The bingo card and reading goals worksheets make for great classroom tools to encourage reading throughout the school year.

At-Home Use:

    • At the start of the summer, encourage your child to fill out the reading goals worksheet and aim big!
    • Document progress on the reading log, which is a great way to make a list of the awesome reading they’re diving into or keep track of required summer reading.
    • The bingo card is an awesome way to keep kids excited about reading this summer and encourage them to try new things!

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