Get Students Excited About Reading With These Clever Scratch-Off Printables

The perfect summer reading challenge!

Have you tried scratch-off stickers in your classroom? They’re a great way to give an ordinary activity an extra boost. After all, who doesn’t love scratching away those gold flakes? That’s why we created these printable reading challenges that use scratch-off stickers to engage and motivate kids. They’re the perfect summer reading challenge!

Just submit your email to get our free templates. Then use store-bought scratch-off stickers to cover up the circles. We ordered our scratch-off stickers from Amazon, where they come in gold and glitter varieties. 

Next step: Get reading!


Try our general read-and-scratch challenge.

Read before breakfast, under a tree, to a stuffed animal.

Use our reading log sheet to record every 20 minutes of reading.


Then unscramble the secret message!

Put our library reading challenge to the test.

How many different types of books can kids check out?