10 Ways Kids Can Still Live Their Best Summer Camp Life—at Home!

From s’mores to sleeping under the stars!

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Cute little brothers, playing on tablet and telephone at night in campside, in the tent
Cute little brothers, playing on tablet and telephone at night in campside, in the tent

Many families are finding themselves unable to send children to summer camp this summer. Whether they are still under quarantine or the camps haven’t opened due to regulations, it’s looking a lot like a summer spent at home. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the benefits and fun of summer camp! Here are ten ways kids can still live their best summer camp life … at home.

1. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Gather together a list of items and send your kids on a scavenger hunt! Whether indoors or out, they will definitely have fun collecting all the items on the list. Need ideas? We have a list of scavenger hunts to keep kids busy .

2. Make Arts & Crafts

There are so many summer camp crafts to create. From friendship bracelets to birdseed ornaments to colorful kites. Use some of the items collected on your scavenger hunt to make adorable crafts. You could easily schedule one a day all through summer! Make sure to have your child share photos of their finished projects with all of their friends.

3. Have Digital Show & Tell

Everyone loves to show off their favorite activities and finds this summer! Spend time gathering a possession (or four) to share. Then use the Facebook Messenger Kids app to have your child call a close friend to share their summer camp activities, crafts, or nature finds. Make sure to take a cute screenshot during the call. Your child can decorate it and send it to their friend after.

4. Host a Campfire Sing-A-Long

Camping requires a campfire, right? Put one together (safely!) and have a sing-a-long with the family. Does anyone play an instrument? Invite them to join in too.

5. Make S’Mores!

While the campfire is set up, you definitely have to make some s’mores. Gather graham crackers and chocolate squares, toast marshmallows on a stick, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate summer camp dessert.

6. Sleep Under the Stars

Whether you set up a tent or let them sleep on cots with sleeping bags, there’s nothing more fun than sleeping under the stars. Point out constellations or even look for the Perseid meteor shower in August!

7. Conduct Relay Races

Races are an integral part of summer camp! Whether it’s a three-legged race or a relay around the background, your kids will love getting active. For extra fun on a hot day, have them run through the sprinklers!

8. Have an Ice Cream Social

Pick up some of your family’s favorite ice cream flavors and toppings. Spread them out on the counter with bowls and spoons and let everyone make their own heaping treat to enjoy. Sticky fingers and faces are definitely a summer camp experience not to miss.

9. Play Capture the Flag

We have so many memories of playing capture the flag in the woods with friends! Depending on where you live, you might be able to head to a local park with your family and play a round. Or do it in the backyard or indoors. Just split into teams, use a flag or colored t-shirt, and see who conquers the flag first.

10. Put on a Digital Talent Show

Summer camp isn’t complete without a talent show to finish off the time together! Why not host a digital one with your friends? Set up a time with your child’s friends and have everyone prepare a segment. Everyone can come together on the Facebook Messenger Kids app to perform and celebrate.

What ideas do you have for summer camp at home? Share in the comments below!