35 Awesomely Fun Summer Camp Activities for Kids

Nature is the best playground.

Summer camp activities including a boy jumping rope holding a cup of water and a s'more made on the campfire.

The sun is shining, the temperatures are climbing, and school is officially out for summer. For many kids, that means heading to summer camp. Whether it’s day camp or sleepaway camp, there are plenty of fun activities to keep your campers busy. Check out our favorite water activities to beat the heat, sports and games to blow off some steam, and crafts to encourage creativity. Plus, don’t forget about all the fun your group can have around the campfire, from s’mores to skits! Check out our list of the best summer camp activities for kids.

Craft Activities

1. Make a rope friendship bracelet

A hand is seen holding a small circle of cardboard with slits cut into it. Different colored yarn are shown thread through the slits and being braided beneath.

We love how relatively minimal materials are since all you will need are seven strands of yarn (each 2 feet long), one piece of recycled cardboard, and a pair of scissors. Your kids will be amazed at how simple the braiding of the rope becomes once you create your homemade braiding disc.

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2. Make a paracord “buddy” key ring

No list of summer camp activities would be complete without a paracord craft like this one. This “buddy” key ring is adorable and would be perfect for slightly older campers since it requires more advanced hand-eye coordination.

3. Create your own camping lantern or tent night-light

Summer camp activities include lanterns like these homemade ones that are lit up. They are decorated with stars.

During the days and weeks leading up to your camping trip, you’ll want to save up some clear juice bottles. First, have kids rip up tissue paper and attach it to the bottle using Mod Podge. Once dry, kids can decorate them with stickers. Finally, add a handle using two pipe cleaners and some beads. Battery-operated tea lights make for the perfect light for camping, but you’ll want to be sure they fit in the opening at the top.


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4. Create a pretend glowing campfire

Summer camp activities are often centered around campfires like this pretend campfire craft made from paper, tissue paper, and a tealight.

This craft is so simple and yet so perfect for a camping craft. We also love all these creative uses for battery-operated tea lights!

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5. Turn leaves into art

Two crayons in shades of green are shown beside some real leaves and two rubbings of leaves on paper.

This fun craft is an oldie but a goodie. We especially love that all you will need are some crayons (bonus for the kind that don’t have wrappers) and some paper. Go on a nature hike beforehand so kids can gather their favorite leaves.

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6. Catch fish with a homemade device

A soda can has cord wrapped around it and is sitting next to a rock and a hook.

Summer camp activities almost always include fishing so why not add your homemade twist to the mix? Kids will get a kick out of trying to catch fish with their homemade rod.

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7. Find and paint rocks

Heart painted on rock in the grass with the WeAreTeachers logo

Painting rocks and leaving them along nature trails at camp will bring smiles to your campers’ faces.

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Water Activities

8. Spend time in the aqua zone

Happy little boy and girl playing with garden hose. Summer camp activities often include waterplay.

Getty Images

This is basically just unstructured water play, so get some buckets of water, a hose, and maybe some sponges to throw at one another.

9. Try paddleboarding

Summer camp activities include water fun like these two kids standing on a paddleboard in a body of water.

Paddleboarding is not only a fun water activity, it will also promote balance, increase arm, leg, and core strength, and improve endurance.

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10. Hop in a canoe

Summer camp activities almost always include some type of paddling so why not hop in a canoe and explore?

11. Enjoy some water balloon fun

Water balloons are truly the gift that keeps on giving since there are countless fun games you can play with them!

12. Practice your swimming strokes

A small child is seen swimming underwater.

Getty Images

Swimming is part of any good itinerary of summer camp activities. Whether kids are just learning or more advanced, swimming has many healthy benefits. Just be sure to go over water safety first so everyone stays safe!

13. Make an ice mold

A little ogirl is seen spraying water on a block of ice with small plastic toys frozen into it.

All you need to make this fun activity come to life is good old-fashioned water, a freezer, and some toys that you already have on hand! Kids will have a ball excavating their favorite plastic dinosaur or toy car.

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14. Jump rope but with a twist

Summer camp activities include toys like jump ropes as seen here. A boy jumps over a jump rope while holding a cup of water.

The premise of this fun water game is so simple yet so fun. Each player gets a cup of water that they hold while taking 10 jumps over a jump rope. The player with the most water in their cup at the end is declared the winner!

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Classic Summer Camp Activities

15. Pitch a tent

Summer camp activities often include pitching a tent as shown here where a boy and man work together to get a tent set up.

Getty Images

Regardless of whether you’re camping overnight or not, learning to pitch a tent is an important camping skill.

16. Mark your target

A boy is shown from behind aiming a bow and arrow at a target.

Getty Images

Not every summer camp will have an archery range, but if your camp does, you will want to take advantage of it. Learning archery is rewarding for everyone from elementary-school-age kids through adults!

17. Build a campfire

Summer camp activities include building a campfire like the one shown here in front of a body of water.

Getty Images

Building a campfire is a staple of any camping experience, so you will definitely want to include it on your list of summer camp activities. You can even have kids try their hand at starting a fire using flint and a pocketknife, but you’ll want to supervise closely!

18. Toast marshmallows and make s’mores

A smore is shown made from graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars.

Getty Images

Everyone who has ever attended a camp of any sort is sure to have memories of toasting marshmallows and making yummy s’mores!

19. Perform campfire skits

There’s nothing better than performing skits around the campfire. Try our personal favorite, The Invisible Bench, at your next campout!

20. Sing campfire songs

Camp Granada by Allan Sherman and Lou Busch.

Singing songs around a campfire is a great way to get everyone involved in the fun, so check out some of our favorites!

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21. Tell spooky stories around the campfire

Collage of images illustrating spooky campfire stories, including The Gift of a Doll and Drive of Danger

There are plenty of campfire stories that are just the right amount spooky and fun for kids.

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22. Learn pocketknife safety and practice whittling

Most basic camping equipment includes a pocketknife. Even kids as young as 8 can learn basic knife safety. Practice carving on dried soap bars.

23. Go on a nature hike

Several kids are seen hiking in nature.

Getty Images

Certainly no list of summer camp activities would be complete without including a nature hike. Kids love a good hiking stick, so let them pick out the biggest stick they can find to take along.

24. Learn the basics of using a compass

A hand is seen holding an open compass.

Getty Images

Spend some time teaching kids the basics of using a compass and then let them practice orienting with one.

Games To Build Comradery

25. Play the hand game

This is a fun way to break the ice with a new group of campers and get everyone laughing in no time!

26. Hold a sleeping bag race

Two children stand together in a sleeping bag in front of a tent.

Getty Images

This one is kind of like a potato sack race, but with sleeping bags instead! Everyone stands inside their sleeping bag at the starting line and then races to be the first one to finish! You can make it even more fun by doing two to a sleeping bag!

27. Play Capture the Flag

No one should leave a camping trip without playing at least one round of Capture the Flag. Be the first to capture your opponent’s flag and bring it back to your base!

28. Play flashlight tag

summer camp activities like flashlight tag can be played at night. A little boy stands in the dark holding a flashlight into the woods.

Getty Images

The only thing better than tag is tag played at night with flashlights!

29. Compete in a game of tug-of-war

kids are seen pulling on a rope in a game of tug of war.

Getty Images

Tug-of-war is a classic camp game because it is just so much fun! It is also a great way to get kids excited about working together as a team.

30. Play a round or two (or three) of SPUD

This fun game will help campers become acquainted with one another since they have to use each other’s names to play.

31. Partner up and play Cat’s Cradle

Cat’s Cradle is the perfect camp activity since it requires minimal materials to play (really just some string and a partner). We especially love the teamwork required to be successful!

32. Engage the reflexes

This is a fun game that can be played without any equipment and regardless of the size of your group. Snatch fingers before yours get snatched!

33. Play card games

fun card games feature

Whether it’s classic card games like Go Fish or newer ones like Guess in 10, there are plenty of options to keep your campers busy when they’re sitting around the campfire.

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34. Play board games

Examples of board games including Qbitz and Tenzi.

Board games are great rainy-day summer camp activities for kids.

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35. Hold a field day

Field day games: flamingo ring toss and coconut bowling

Campers can’t get enough competitive outdoor games? Organize a field day!

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Summer is here, and for many that means heading to camp. Check out our favorite summer camp activities from water fun to crafts!