Practicing Spelling? Play Spelling Word Bingo!

A fun twist for spelling lists.

Bingo is one of the best classroom games because you can play with a big group! We’ve seen lots of different variations of Bingo in the classroom, but we especially love this version of Spelling Word Bingo. All it takes to set up is an old Bingo game, a set of wooden balls you can buy on Amazon, and your spelling list!

This is a great way to get your students practicing their spelling words each week. Take a look at this video to see how Spelling Word Bingo came together.


What you need

What to do

Step 1

Find a Bingo set you can repurpose. We recommend going to thrift stores to look for a set. You can also pick up just the Bingo cage on Amazon.

Supplies for Spelling Word Bingo

Step 2

If you’re using the old wooden ball set from the Bingo game, you can paint directly over the numbers. Or start with a new set. (Make sure the wooden balls you order are the right size to work well with the Bingo cage.)


Painting Your Spelling Word Bingo

Step 3

Make a list of your spelling words, and then write out each letter onto a ball. We recommend two different colors. We used green for consonants and blue for vowels. You can either do a single set from A to Z and adjust your game. Or you can create a bigger game and have a new ball for every single letter.

Writing the Consonants for Spelling Word Bingo

Step 4

Make Bingo sheets for your students. We recommend mixing up all your words up and distributing “game” sheets with 4-5 words on each sheet. You want to make sure it’s random.

Letters for Spelling Word Bingo

Step 5

Now it’s time to play! If you have just one set of balls A-Z, let students cross off all the letters for each ball you choose. Example: If you pull a B, they could cross off ALL the B letters. If you decided to play with a full set of letters, then students have to choose. Example: If you pull a B, they have to decide if they want to cross off the B on “basket” or the B on “broken.”

Main Spelling Word Bingo