46 Awesome Supplies for Elementary Social Studies

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Social Studies

Need some ideas for your list of social studies supplies for elementary school students? These 50+ fantastic resources are perfect to help smaller kids learn about big concepts. We’ve found everything from history pockets to engaging geographical jigsaw puzzles to help you get started. Jump to the following categories:


U.S. History

Colonial America History Pockets

social studies supplies for elementary school

You’ll want to include this jam-packed learning aid on your list of social studies supplies for elementary school. It contains eleven discovery pockets: one dedicated to covering exploration across North America and 10 featuring famous explorers. You’ll also find pocket labels, a bookmark printed with fun facts, a reference map, a fact sheet, arts and crafts projects, and writing activities. The resource also contains teacher support pages, reproducible student pages, and an answer key.

American Revolution Educational Trivia Card Game

Join Professor Noggin in this series of card games that combine trivia, true or false, and multiple-choice questions. To keep kids feeling challenged, start with the easy levels and then move to the harder ones.

Civil War Learning Chart

social studies supplies for elementary school

This learning chart is a good option for social studies supplies for elementary school kids. It includes primary sources, battles, and the causes of the Civil War. Along with that, it provides reproducible activities, subject information, and helpful tips on the back of the chart.

United States Presidents, States, Symbols, Flags, and Facts Flash Cards


Flash cards are such a valuable tool for students of all ages. This set features facts about U.S. presidents and is a good addition to the list of social studies supplies for elementary school classrooms.

Presidents Photo Stick Props

This is a fun way for kids to learn the faces of famous leaders in U.S. history. Assign quotes along with simple facts and you’ll have a great role-playing activity that works in the classroom or through distance learning.

Notable African Americans Bulletin Board Set

Highlight the achievements of notable African Americans who changed history. Each mini-posters come with a large poster, a full-color illustration, a brief biography, quotes, and an activity guide.

Magna Carta Social Studies Poster

What’s the Magna Carta? The name can be intimidating to students, but having this great poster can provide a visual aid to help with context.

Caption This US History Photo Card Set

Ideal for 3rd- through 6th-grade students, this photo card set is a great addition to your social studies supplies for elementary school. Explore some of the most noteworthy moments in U.S. history.

1810-1965 Inventions Bulletin Board Set

Want to teach kids about appreciating the things that make our lives easier? This bulletin board set is perfect highlights the major inventions (in eight different categories) that have shaped our world.

50 States Field Guides

What better way to learn about the 50 states (plus the District of Columbia, of course!) than with these great hands-on field guides? Discover cool trivia including the only state with a tropical rainforest and which was sold for just $6000 with these full-color, illustrated maps featuring capitals, mottoes, natural treasures and more.

Explorers of North America History Pockets

Follow the footsteps of North America’s explorers with this informative set. Encourage kids to embark on a journey with creative arts and crafts projects, writing activities, reference maps and more. The resource also includes a reproducible pocket label, teacher support pages, and an answer key.


U.S. Geography

Native American Cultures Map

social studies supplies for elementary school

It’s never too early to start a conversation with students about Native American history. This map is a great way to introduce the tribes and discuss culture with younger students.

Unlabeled United States Practice Maps

It’s so much fun to fill in the blanks with these practice maps, which come with 30 sheets in a package. Great for social science and geography lessons, drill and practice, quick quizzes, mapping current events, and even creating laminated placemats!

United States Map Bulletin Board Set

Take a virtual road trip across America! This colorful and detailed map includes state capitals, mountain chains, and major rivers.

States and Capitals Pocket Flash Cards

There’s a lot to learn about United States geography. These flashcards break it down by the 50 states, state capitals, five U.S. regions, and 13 colonies. The set can be used for easy games, too!

Thirteen Colonies Learning Chart

social studies supplies for elementary school

Where did colonization begin? This colorful map simplifies the three different sets of early British American colonies. The chart comes with subject information, reproducible activities, and a guide.

My USA Interactive Map

This touch-activated talking USA map will bring geography to life and make it a truly interactive experience. Introduce kids to basic concepts, climate and over 500 fun facts about the 50 states!


World Geography & History

Reading A Map Learning Chart

Before you can use a map, you need to know how to read it. This handy resource provides a sample map, clear labels, and helpful teaching aids.

Passport Books with Stickers and Stampers

These passport books will help kids feel like globetrotters! The books come with geographical stickers and plastic stamps. The interactive activity is perfect for social studies, map skills, and more.

National Flags Pennant Banner

social studies supplies for elementary school

Discussing international relations? Turn it into an engaging game with these vibrant world flags! Each string includes 30 major countries so you can work on flag recognition and simple facts about our global society.

Greetings From Around The World Cutouts

Bring some international flair to your classroom with these cool cutouts and learn international greetings from around the world.

Augmented Reality Interactive Globe

social studies supplies for elementary school

STEAM ahead with this incredible globe which comes with a passport, stamps, and country flag stickers. It even comes with a help guide! The accompanying app is free and compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Color Your Own Globe Craft Kit

Hands-on activities can really help deepen our understanding of new concepts. That’s why this globe is such a great addition to social studies supplies for elementary school students. It’s easy to color and gives them the opportunity to label all the continents and oceans.

Destination Posters

Bring The World to Your Classroom with Free Destination Posters

Inspire your students to learn about the wider world. With each of these destination posters, students can learn fun facts about a different location around the globe.

Continent Race Geography for Kids Card Game

social studies supplies for elementary school

This interactive award winner was “created by a kid for kids.” That’s why it’s so engaging and fun! This cool game helps kids learn about countries, flags, and continents as they race around the world.

Mapology World Map with Flags and Capitals Jigsaw Puzzle

Promote motor skills, shape recognition and memorization with this set of three foam jigsaw puzzles. This is a great opportunity to discuss geography, world capitals, and flags, too!

Countries of the World Cards

How many Olympic medals has each country taken home? Which country has the largest population? Answer these questions and more with this educational card game that brings the world to your classroom. Looking for Wonders of the World? They have a game for that too.

Themes of Geography Posters

Perfect for early lessons in geography, this set of colorfully illustrated posters will pique curiosity while introducing your students to key concepts such as place, location, region, movement, and human-environment interaction. 

This is How We Do It: One Day In The Lives of Seven Kids From Around the World

How different is life for kids around the world compared to the United States? With this lovely resource, students can learn about Kei in Japan, Daphne in Uganda, and more as they discover diversity with a focus on what unites us. 

Ancient Egypt Card Game

Bring Ancient Egypt to life with this entertaining (but educational!) card game. Students will learn about the powerful Cleopatra and the young King Tutankhamun who was barely more than a boy when he became Pharaoh of Egypt. If you’re looking to teach about Ancient Romans, check out that version too!

Hieroglyphics Stencils

In Ancient Egypt, hieroglyphics were the formal writing system. At first glance, though, kids may fully realize how those symbols were used to tell a story. Help them grasp the genius of this method by using these stencils to create their own messages. This set comes with a translation key. 

Ancient Greece and Rome Activity Guide

Travel back in time to see what life was like in ancient Greece and Rome while having fun with hands-on activities such as making a stargazer, chiseling a clay tablet, weaving Roman sandals, making a Greek mosaic, creating Roman jewelry, throwing Greek pottery, casting a vote in a Roman-style election and much more. Learn how these civilizations contributed to our present-day world by participating in art, math, cooking, science and geography activities. Interesting facts and trivia are included throughout. Helpful illustrations explain each project’s steps.

Mega Fossil Dig Kit

Much of what is known about our world’s history can be attributed to archeologists and paleontologists. Help kids step into those instrumental roles with this kit that allows them to dig up 15 real fossils. 

Celebrations Around The World

Broaden your students’ horizons by introducing them to holidays, festivals and celebrations from around the world. Whether it’s a camel marathon in the Sahara Desert or the Hindu Festival of Colors, this book of illustrations showcases the beauty that exists across the globe. 

Hidden Holidays Fun and Festive Word Search Puzzles

Word search puzzles are such a fun way to boost word recognition, spelling and overall literacy. Enhance learning with this holiday-themed set which will send them traveling around the world. It’s a great way for kids to learn about the Festival of Lights, capital cities, culture, and customs. 

The World Wars Bulletin Board Display Set

War can be a difficult concept for kids to grasp, and the topic may be tricky to cover. Many times, a visual aid helps bring things into focus. This bulletin board display set includes posters, a resource guide, and an activity book to break things down for students.

DKfindout! World War II

The bright colorful images might clash with the darkness of the time, but it will help kids feel engaged when learning about World War II. This guide shares facts, first-hand accounts and the causes of the conflict from the prewar rise of Nazi Germany to the end of the war in 1945.


Community, Civics & Government

Constitution of The United States Bulletin Board Set

This bulletin board set offers the basic principles of the U.S. Constitution. The collection includes images of the documents, landmarks and contains a resource guide.

U.S. Census Activities

8 Fun Census Activities To Do With Your PreK-12 Students

New Statistics in Schools (SIS) classroom activities and materials for the 2019-2020 school year spotlight the 2020 Census and the importance of making sure everyone is counted, especially children. Find maps, activities, and ways to get involved.

United States Presidents Learning Chart

social studies supplies for elementary school

Help kids recognize the official White House portraits of every US President. Subject information, reproducible activities, and helpful tips are included. This chart works well with the U.S. Presidents Bulletin Board Set and Pocket Flash Cards.

United States Government Bulletin Board Set

Happy Helpers Finger Puppets

Teach children about some of the most important members of our neighborhood community with this set of finger puppets. These are perfect for storytime, role-playing, developing language skills, and more. The set comes with an e-book filled with fun rhymes for each puppet.

Wooden Community Helpers

Celebrate the wonderful diversity that exists in our society with this wooden block set of community helpers of different races, ages, and backgrounds. Promote inclusiveness among children of the youngest age with an emphasis on social and emotional growth, as well as cooperation.  

Money Bags Coin Value Game

Make the concept of money and the economy easier to grasp by playing a game! Kids can learn valuable skills as they count, collect and exchange money in a race to the finish line. This game comes with a game board, dice, play bills, and 100 plastic coins. 

The Path to the Presidency Bulletin Board Set

Can I become the president someday? Help kids understand the path to the presidency with this informative bulletin board set. What are candidates and caucuses? What happens on inauguration day? They’ll find the answers to those questions and more! 

Classroom Elections Kit

Once kids have learned the basics of how someone can become the president, why not hold a mock classroom election? Complete with a book of lesson plans and classroom activities, this kit has everything you need including ballot slips (and a box!), campaign buttons and 30 colorful “I Voted!” stickers.

Check out this visual guide of the three branches of the U.S. Government! Each contains a chart that includes an explanation of titles, duties, members, and structure. This set also includes header and accents, as well as posters on the Constitution and system of Checks and Balances.

Looking for more online resources for learning social studies at home? We’ve built a list with over 40 of the best websites here. Also fun geography lessons!

46 Awesome Supplies for Elementary Social Studies