12 Fast-Paced Soccer Books for Kids

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Best Soccer Books for Kids

The FIFA World Cup begins next week (June 14–July 15) in Russia, the host nation. Soccer, or football, as the rest of the world calls it, is the world’s most popular sport. And in the United States, more and more people are becoming fans of the beautiful game. Millions will be tuning in to the World Cup to cheer for their favorite country and player(s). In honor of the games, we’ve gathered 12 of our favorite page-turning soccer books. Share them with your students—both soccer fans and budding ones!

1. Dino-Soccer by Lisa Wheeler (K–2)

When the Grazers take on the Biters, a nail-biting matchup ensues.

2. On the Ball by Brian Pinkney (K–2)

Soccer meets fantasy when Owen is benched and finds himself in a fantasy world where he is given superpowers that enhance his game.

3. The Goalkeeper Goof by Cari Meister (K–2)

David loves playing soccer, but he hates when it’s his turn to play goalie. The opposing team always scores. However, he has a new move that will sway the course of the game.

4. Happy Like Soccer by Maribeth Boelts (K–3)

Happy Like Soccer is a poignant reminder that something you enjoy can bring both joy and sadness if it’s not shared with those you love.

5. Pelé, King of Soccer by Monica Brown (K–3)


A bilingual picture book biography of the Brazilian soccer legend.

6. Captain Awesome, Soccer Star by Stan Kirby (K–3)

Superhero friends Eugene and Charlie are anxious to join their local soccer team. However, Eugene discovers he is not as skilled a player as his teammates and questions how their season will fair, even with his father as the coach.

7. MVP #2: The Soccer Surprise by David A. Kelly (1–4)

With the help of a famous soccer player, the MVP club attempts to raise money to save an old field house by turning it into a sports center.

8. Kickers #1: The Ball Hogs by Rich Wallace (1–4)

A great athlete, but new to soccer, Ben learns a lesson about the importance of teamwork.

9. Spotlight Soccer by Ricardo Sanchez (2–4)

Franco’s dream of becoming a professional soccer player is in jeopardy when he switches schools and must learn how to adapt his game to a new team.

10. It’s Hard to Dribble with Your Feet by Val Priebe (2–4)

Basketball star Carmen tries out for the soccer team and quickly discovers that playing soccer does not come as easily for her as playing basketball.

11. Stacey the Soccer Fairy by Daisy Meadows (2–5)

It’s time for the Fairy Olympics, but Stacey’s magic ball has come up missing. The team is racing the clock to find their magic items before the big day. 

12. Soccer Hero by Matt Christopher (3–7)

After saving his soccer coach’s life, Rob’s newfound hero status makes him uncomfortable. He is desperate to go back to being a regular member of his team.

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Best Soccer Books for Kids