18 Hilarious and Creative Snow Day Announcements

These administrators really went all out.

Still from Funny Snow Day Announcement Videos

Ah, the snow day. That magical surprise day when kids get to stay home and sleep late, then go play in the snow and follow it up with hot cocoa. It’s every kid’s dream, and school administrators know it! Some of them have been breaking the internet with their viral snow day announcements, and their creativity and humor have us in awe. Here are some of our favorites, in case you’re feeling inspired to try a funny announcement of your own!

1. Snow, Snow, Snow Day

This song parody turns a snow day announcement into a dance jam! Clearly, this is one superintendent who loves snowy weather just as much as his students.

2. Hallelujah, It’s a Snow Day

These guys have got some pipes! They swear they’re not going to sing a snow day announcement, but ultimately, they just can’t help themselves.

3. Baby Snow Day Council

At this school, the babies make the call! This sweet video proves that not all creative snow day announcements are song parodies.

4. Ice Ice Tuesday

Even a late start deserves a creative announcement, and this administrator’s here to show off his mad rapping skills in celebration.

5. No School Today


No school, plus a chance to see the superintendent in silly costumes? This parody of Imagine Dragon’s “Thunder” has it all!

6. Snow Day Cheer

This superintendent is determined to announce the snow day in a dignified manner, but his cheerleader friends have a very different idea.

7. Too Slick Outside

“Uptown Funk” becomes a snow day classic when these educators put their own spin on it. The funny footage of teachers playing in the halls is sure to crack kids up.

8. Snowy Old Town Road

So many funny snow day announcements are song parodies! In this one, Superintendent Dr. Neil Glass lets kids know they can keep their horse in the barn, ’cause school is closed.

9. Snow Day Today

When his first snow day parody of “Thunder” was a big hit with his students, this superintendent did a second one to the tune of “Sweet Caroline.” Cold days never seemed so good!

10. Stay Off The Roads

Snowy country roads are the last place school buses should be, and these administrators know it!

11. I Love a Snowy Day

When school is closed, the school mascot takes over. This is a cute and simple way to let kids know they get to stay home today.

12. Musical Snow Day Medley

Clearly, this principal missed his calling to be on Broadway! Fortunately, his students are there to help him make an epic show tunes snow day announcement.

13. I’m Not at School Because of Snow

Coordination is the name of the game in this parody of the hit song “Cups.” (Stick around to the end for a bonus Star Wars callout!)

14. Triple Dog Dare

Fans of the movie A Christmas Story will get the joke here. Now that’s commitment!

15. School is Closed

Just in case you hadn’t heard “Let It Go” enough times by now, this head teacher has a new version for you!

16. The Greatest Snow

This is the moment you’ve waited for! Yes, it’s a snow day.

17. Let It Snow

We absolutely love that this video features the bus drivers, transportation, and maintenance staff. After all, they’re the ones that face the snowy roads and make them safe for kids to get to school again!

18. Hello, School is Closed

One last hit song parody, this time of Adele’s “Hello.” Who knew a snow day announcement could be so full of feeling?

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18 Hilarious and Creative Snow Day Announcements