10 Signs You Teach in the South

Your first name might as well be ma’am.

Signs You Teach in the South

Most of the time, we like to think school is pretty similar no matter where you teach. Except when it’s not. We asked our followers to share the signs you teach in the South, and hoo boy, did they deliver!

1. Your first name might as well be “ma’am”

Southern text conversation with student

Photo shared by Shelly S.

“My kids always say ‘Yes, Ma’am.'” —Barbara P.

2. Phonics takes an interesting twist

Southern phonics

Image via WikiHow

“When we teach phonics, we have to tell them what letter sounds SHOULD say, not what we say with our twang.” —Kelley T.

3. You get a moon pie and an RC Cola for teacher appreciation

Moon Pie and RC Cola

Image shared by Lisa T.

4. Your posters keep falling off the walls

Poster Falling Down

“Things fall off the wall in summer because the air conditioners are turned off during the summer. The heat and humidity cause hot glue and sticky tack to fail.” —Staci W.

5. School is closed if there is even a chance of snow

Southern Snow Meme

“10% chance of snow … school is closed!” —Dean B.

6. Your school cafeteria serves the best fried chicken in town


Fried Chicken School Lunch

“Fried chicken day is every Thursday & the general public knows this. Many to-go orders placed by local businesses.”  —Laura C.

7. The crawfish cook-off is your school’s biggest fundraiser

Crawfish Boil

“Most of our school fundraisers are crawfish, jambalaya, or pastalaya.” —Elsea E.

8. It’s 95 degrees out but you still need a sweater at work because the A/C never stops

a-c meme

“The air conditioner runs eight out of nine months.” —Caroline S.

9. You go back to school earlier than the rest of the country, but you get out earlier, too

Happy for other teachers done with school

While early August can feel painful, we’ll take a vacation that starts in May.

10. And finally, your students know the true key to your heart

Sonic Drinks

Image via Stephen Wayne

“Sonic drinks are our love language!” —Keli G.

What other signs you teach in the South would you add? Please share in the comments!

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10 Signs You Teach in the South