Middle Short Vowel Phonics Game for K-2

Get early readers practicing middle vowel recognition

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Free Short Vowel Interactive Game With Dr. Seuss

As children learn to read and write, it is important for them to understand the middle short vowel sounds. Short vowels can be difficult to feel in the mouth compared to consonant sounds, making it trickier for children to hear and understand them. This short vowel game is an engaging way for your students to practice middle vowel identification. Students will drag the CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words that match the middle vowel shown on the screen. Hot tip: Have them screen-shot their work for a quick formative assessment.

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How does the Short Vowel Game work?

The word bank gives a list of CVC words for students to choose from, and they’ll decide which words match the middle vowel found on the right side of the screen. Students will drag and drop the words that correctly match the middle vowel to practice their identification skills.

Virtual short vowel interactive game with Dr. Seuss

The Power of Learning Middle Short Vowels

Identifying middle short vowels can help in reading and writing complex words and sentences. Quick recognition can build concentration and boost confidence. Lastly, this building block skill can help avoid confusion when working to understand the words a student is reading.

How can I use this game in the classroom?

Whole-Group Learning

  • Project this game on a classroom screen and have your class work together to decide which words match the vowel sound.
  • Invite students up to the screen to drag and drop the words into the correct spot.

Independent or At-Home Work

  • Give each student a copy of the Short-Vowel Game on their own device and have them practice independently. Then, you can review each student’s screen or check the answers as a whole group.
  • Set up devices with the interactive game as a station in literacy small groups.
  • Designate the interactive as a resource for extra at-home practice.

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