9 Free Decodable Text Worksheets Perfect for K-2

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If you’re teaching grades K-2, don’t miss these free decodable worksheets! They’ll pair perfectly with your favorite decodable text and make for an easy, ready-to-go activity. These decodable worksheets all build upon each other to help students learn the parts of a story, characters and setting, word-decoding skills, prefixes and suffixes, and more.

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Check out all 9 decodable worksheets:

1. Uppercase and Lowercase

Lerner upper and lowercase worksheet

Use these example sentences to pick out the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters.

2. Sound It Out

Lerner sound boxes worksheet

Start sounding out word segments and blending sounds. Have students segment each word into sounds on their worksheet.

3. Word Ladders

Lerner word ladders decodable worksheet

Work on decoding skills by exploring phonemes.

4. Make Your Own Word Ladder

Lerner make your own word ladder decodable worksheets

After students fill in the pre-made work ladder, they can create their own!

5. Word Builder

Lerner word builder worksheet

Learn about prefixes and suffixes and how they can change the meaning of a word.

6. Who, Where, What?

Lerner who what where worksheet

Help students identify characters, settings, and events. Introduce them to these terms, and have students think about where they saw each one in the story.

7. Story Map

Lerner story map decodable worksheets

Explore the beginning, middle, and end of the story by mapping it out and then retelling the story to a classmate.

8. Story Detectives

Lerner story detectives worksheet

Identify the main parts of a story with this easy-to-use worksheet.

9. Create a Cover

Lerner create a cover decodable worksheet

Add a bit of creativity by having students create their own cover that gives clues about the story inside.

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