Screen Time Tracker: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Versions (Free Download)

Set healthy screen time goals—and stick to them—with these free trackers.

Screen Time Tracker Bundle
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Do you want to become more aware of the time you, your students, and/or your family is spending on screens? Our free screen time tracker bundle can help. It comes with daily, weekly, and monthly versions so you can see your screen time at a glance. Just fill out the form on this page to get your trackers.

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Here’s what’s included in the screen time tracker bundle:

Daily tracker

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This tracker gets detailed! Keep track of your screen time throughout the day in half-hour increments and across devices. Write the number of minutes you spent on screens in each half hour window, or just insert a check mark to indicate the entire window was spent on screens.

Weekly tracker

Weekly screen time tracker template
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For this tracker, set a screen time goal for every day of the week (goals might be different for weekdays versus weekends, for example). Then track how much time you actually spent on screens. Did you stick to your goal?

Monthly tracker

Monthly Screen Time Tracker
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Use the monthly tracker to see your screen time across an entire month at a glance. Mark off the hours spent on screens each day. There are also spaces to note your screen time goals, healthy screen time habits, and any additional notes.

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What are some benefits of tracking screen time?

  • Allows you to see how much time you are spending on screens versus other activities
  • Can help you stick to a goal of reducing time spent on screens
  • May help manage some of the health risks of spending too much time on screens

How can you use these trackers in the classroom?

Great question! You might use these trackers as part of an SEL lesson or in conjunction with a holiday such as the Global Day of Unplugging. You can also use them individually with students who you feel might benefit from more awareness around their screen time. After students use the tracker for a day, week, or month, invite them to reflect on their screen time habits and how they made students feel. Did tracking their screen time make students want to spend more or less time on screens? Why?


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