48 Terrific Science Supplies to Help Students Learn About the World Around Them

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Science Supplies

StudentsScience can be an intimidating topic for many students, especially young learners. One of the most important things you can do is find ways to make these lessons more fun and engaging. We’ve put together a list of nearly 50 essential science supplies and experiment kits for the elementary school classroom. These are perfect for distance learning, too!

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Biological Field Microscope

science supplies for the elementary school

Looking through the lens of a microscope for the first time is such a cool experience. Help your students grasp the concept that there’s more around us than meets the eye. This biological field microscope features LED lighting, camera, and a slight preparation kit.

Microscope Slide Collection

This fantastic collection of microscope slides includes 48 packs of insect, animal, and plant specimens for basic biology or science projects.

Parts of a Plant Giant Chalkboard Manipulative


This manipulative is designed to promote knowledge of the basic parts of a green flowering plant and the function of each part. The kit includes large color punchouts with activities that can be easily adapted to all elementary grade levels.

Arthropod Classification Kit

Stimulate your students with lessons on insect classification and arthropod characteristics. You’ll find everything you need from an introductory level to advanced study with this great kit!

Rogue Rodent Mystery Sets

A fun and engaging activity for younger children, this set asks budding investigators to solve the mystery of the missing class pet. They’ll have to search for clues, record their findings, and more!

The Life Of A Caterpillar Kit

Based on the beloved children’s classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, this kit is designed to stimulate children’s imaginations, develop count and color skills, and measure each stage of life.




Student Thermometers

Looking for a simplified way to teach students temperature measurement? These easy-to-read thermometers feature displays in both Fahrenheit and Celsius (not for use in boiling water!).

The Magic School Bus – Chemistry Lab

This great kit will help young scientists gain foundational knowledge of acids and bases, surface tension, volcanoes, bubbles, slime, and more.

Alien Slime Lab

Students can mix up four different types of slime and then identify them by conducting scientific tests! Made with safe, non-toxic materials, this kit (which comes with an instruction manual) allows students to dissect the slime with tweezers and a plastic scalpel, cut out a brain shape, and more!

Soap & Bath Bomb Lab

Want a great way to promote handwashing? Use this cool kit with kids to create molded soaps and bath bombs. Along the way, they’ll learn about essential chemistry principles and explore the biology of skin, pH levels, acids, and bases.

Make Your Own Crystals Kit

This kit encourages kids to make their own crystals with 40 different experiments designed to introduce them to simple chemical reactions. The set includes supplies, a poster, and a handy instruction booklet.

Kitchen Science Kit

Using common kitchen ingredients, kids can create their own DIY experiment laboratory. They’ll learn how to use vinegar to launch a rocket, generate electricity with a lemon, and so much more!


Engineering & Physics

Straw Constructor STEM Building Toys

Introduce the earliest principles of engineering with this 300-piece set of straws and connectors. This kit promotes hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and so much more!

Fire Arrows: Air Rockets with Launcher

This adventurous kit includes everything your students need to build their own rocket. Guide them as they learn the basic concepts needed to create a model that soars higher and flies further than the rest!

Precision School Balance

This sturdy balance is perfect when covering concepts such as inequalities, mass, comparisons, operations, and order. Designed for precise measurements, it features two removable pans and a zero adjustment knob.

Electronics Discovery Kit

Students can tackle 335 projects with this cool set. Discover circuit experiment kids for a doorbell, fan, lamp, burglar alarm, FM radio, morse code and more. This is a cool, hands-on addition to your science supplies for the elementary school classroom!

Electric Motor Robotic Kits

Get kids excited about science by building robots! This kit includes everything you need for four different types—biplane, reptile robots, balance car, or robot-doodling. Detailed instruction booklet included.

Circuits Electric Science Kit

science supplies for the elementary school

Enhance STEM lessons with this set of 19 experiments and 25 parts to help students understand how electricity works. The kit comes with a helpful 32-page colorful lab guide.

Engineering Activities for Kids

Use household items to make learning about engineering fun, inspiring, and accessible. You’ll have a blast making rubber band race cars, toothpick towers, water rockets, and more!

Wind Power Experiment Kit

Dive into the importance of renewable energy by encouraging kids to build their own 3’H wind turbine! This kit includes 10 exciting experiments, 75 pieces, and a full-color, 36-page manual.

Junior Science Magnet Set

This kit includes a variety of magnets and accessories. Kids can explore the principles of magnetism through engaging activities and hands-on experiments.

Construction Set

science supplies for the elementary school

Unleash unlimited creative and engineering potential with this set of 35 bars, 21 balls, 14 tripods (90° interlocking pieces), and an illustrated instruction booklet. It even comes with a handy storage box!

Electronics Exploration Kit

No tools required! Young engineers can get hands-on experience with LED light, FM radio, colorful light, a flying disk, and more! A great addition to your science supplies for the elementary school classroom!


Earth & Environmental Science

Algae Research Supply Kit

This absolutely incredible set grows five gallons of spirulina and provides teachers, parents, and students with a wealth of great experiments on toxicology, light quality, environmental changes, and algae blooms.

Volcanic Eruptions Kit

This interactive project is an exciting opportunity for hands-on learning about volcanoes! Students can build the model, precisely measure ingredients, time the reaction, and record the results.

Paleo Hunter Dig Kits

Young paleontologists can use the included tools to chip away at a plaster block on their hunt for dinosaur bones. Then, students can assemble the bones into a dinosaur skeleton. The fossils can be scanned using an app (iOS or Android) to transform them into a moving creature on the screen!

Magnetic Weather Station for Kids

There’s something reassuring about understanding weather, seasons, and dates which is why this is such a good activity for younger kids. This magnetic calendar works great on any metal surface.

Weather Science Kit

Help kids understand how our weather works with this fun and engaging kit. Students can experiment withstatic electricity, build their own desktop water cycle model, and even make clouds in the palms of their hands.

Plant Kits

Enhance your lessons with these unique plant experiments designed to introduce students to the science behind growing pristine plants! Kids will also learn how plant growth is impacted by different colors of light.

Into the Forest: Nature’s Food Chain Game

This game guides students through case-based scenarios as they play a part in the predator/prey relationship. Depending on the cards they draw, they’ll learn all about the food chain—will they eat or be eaten?



Anatomy Apron

This apron is a great tool for helping kids grasp the location, size, shape, and name of some of their major organs. This set includes the heart, large intestine, small intestine, lung, stomach, kidney, liver, esophagus, and trachea.

Cross-Section Human Brain Model

This cross-section model can help students grasp the amazing complexities of the human brain. It’s labeled for test preparation purposes and comes with an activity guide.

Human Body Bulletin Board Set

It’s completely fascinating to look at our bodies as the ultimate example of science in motion! Use these two 50″ bulletin boards as a visual tool to introduce themes related to human anatomy.

Human Body Torso

This model is made of durable plastic, which is perfect for classrooms. The torso comes with five removable organs (stomach, liver, lungs, heart, and intestines)

Create a Vertebrate Kit

Designed for older elementary school kids, this kit allows students to work individually to construct their own vertebrates. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to learn more about the classes of vertebrates, its role in the ecosystem, and more.

Heart and Lungs Activity Kit

Introduce students to the basic anatomy of the circulatory and respiratory systems with these great hands-on activities including measuring lung volume, making heart and lung models, and designing a working stethoscope.

Analysis of Fingerprints Kits

Using real-world techniques, students can work in small groups to dust and lift each other’s fingerprints. They’ll then prepare their evidence for another group, who will then analyze the specimen using standards developed by the FBI.

The Magic School Bus: The World of Germs

science supplies for the elementary school

Learning about germs has always been an important part of science. But now that we’ve all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, this activity could be a great way to help younger kids understand that’s happening. Budding scientists will grow bacteria and fungi, test antibiotics, use yeast to inflate a balloon, and more. The kit comes with all supplies needed (except for common household items) and an instructional manual.



Sun Earth Moon System Manipulative

Guide your classroom through an exploration of the relationship between the sun, Earth, and moon. Conduct simultaneous teacher demonstration and student workstations activities with this set of manipulatives.

Constructing a Moon Phase Calendar Activity

Ideal for fifth-grade students or higher, this cool kit will help them identify the moon’s phases 365 days a year. The set includes photo-realistic images of the moon for photocopying.

Sun, Seasons, and Constellations Model Set

This interactive activity will help students understand how the Earth’s movements affect climate, seasons, and visible constellations. The kit includes a raised-relief globe, lamp, LCD thermometers and instructions.


For the Classroom

Life Science Poster Set

With complex concepts such as science, it often helps to have a visual aid. That’s why we rank this among the best science supplies for the elementary school. These four posters come with corresponding activity sheets and a teacher’s guide.

Periodic Table Display

Most of us can remember staring at a poster of the periodic table of elements in school, which is exactly why your classroom needs one too. It’s a tradition!

Growth Mindset Poster

science supplies for the elementary school

Learning about science can be very challenging for students. Help inspire and motivate them by validating their feelings and providing guidance on how to develop a growth mindset.

Scientific Method Posters

Free Scientific Method Posters to Save and Print

Want to cover the steps of the scientific method? We’ve got a set of free posters to guide students through every stage. You can hand out individual copies or make large prints to hang on the wall.

STEM Bulletin Board Set

Deck out the classroom with this set of 36 punch out bulletin boards which includes headers for science, technology, engineering, and math.

Educational Posters

This set of eye-catching educational posters features a variety of science-based topics including weather, the solar system, and seasons.

Science Accents

Adding some cool graphics in your learning environment can really set the tone and keep students engaged. This pack of 30 includes three copies of each of the 10 designs.

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48 Terrific Science Supplies to Help Kids Learn About the World Around Them