These 33 School Mural Ideas Will Make You Want to Grab a Paintbrush

Every blank wall is a canvas waiting to be filled.

Five Images of School Mural Ideas about Joy and Kindness.

Distance learning has reminded kids and teachers that school is more than a building. Schools give kids a community.  It’s a place where they belong, and where they matter. So remind your students and the community at large how important your school is. A school mural is a fantastic way to do just that! Need some inspiration? Then check out this roundup for some incredible ideas.

1. Take a reading journey

Mural showing signpost to different fiction lands

Wouldn’t this be perfect in the hall outside the school library?

Source: @sweetartmurals

2. Journey to space

Journey to space mural

Every trip to your locker is a voyage to the final frontier!

Source: @Itmurals

3. Be kind


Be kind painted mural

This one is simple, bold … and oh-so-true.

Source: @crazyartmama


4. Honor great leaders

Honor great Black leaders

Give them role models to inspire and motivate.

Source: @elizzacrylics

5. Go green

School mural featuring nature and butterflies

If you can’t be outside, then bring the outdoors in!

Source: @gayle_mangan_kassal_art

6. Embrace diversity

School mural with rainbow and diversity quote

This is a message that every school should emphasize.

Source: @joepimentalart

7. Be the nice kid

Be the nice kid mural and quote

A message like this promotes an anti-bullying community, so it’s perfect in any school.

Source: @katrinfaceart

8. Leave your mark

Students adding their fingerprints to a school mural

How sweet is this? Every student and teacher added their fingerprint to this school mural.

Source: @carla.letters

9. Spark creativity

Spark creativity

This Einstein quote is a terrific reminder that creativity is key.

Source: @teachingandteaspills

10. Make an outside space cozy

Outside reading nook with school mural

We love reading nooks, so creating one outdoors? Genius!

Source: @cam_plapp

11. Spread your wings

Spread your wings

This school mural is fantastic on its own. Plus, it also makes an incredible photo op!

Source: @paintslikeagirl

12. Imagine the future

Imagine the future school mural with kids looking at their graduation shadows

Education is a journey, and the years will go faster than they think.

Source: @themuralman

13. Be the “I” in kind

Be the I in kind

Encourage kindness wherever and whenever you can.

Source: @hayleymischieflordart

14. Find magic in a book

Find magic in a book

We love how these murals make use of otherwise empty wall space. And they’re simply adorable!

Source: @tbradleymurals

15. We are the world

We are the world

If you’re not able to paint a wall, then create a school mural on a bulletin board instead!

Source: @paintslikeagirl

16. Fill their day with music

Fill their day with music

Make their hearts sing!

Source: @graffiti.signs

17. Tell them how special they are

Tell them how special they are

They need to hear it, so tell them so every single day.

Source: @paintslingers

18. Let the kids design it

Let the kids design it

Kids will get a kick out of seeing their ideas come to life!

Source: @brenbataclan

19. Brighten the room

Brighten the room

Art teachers make the best murals!

Source: @mrskoslowsartroom

20. Change your mindset

Change your mindset

Lots of schools have embraced the Growth Mindset philosophy. Doesn’t it make a beautiful mural?

Source: @heavens_country_door

21. Decorate any space

Decorate any space

Murals aren’t limited to walls. For instance, check out these awesome book spines on the columns!

Source: @tbradleymurals

22. Don’t forget the stairs

Don't forget the stairs

Stairs work too!

Source: @kidmuralsbydana

23. Aspire to greatness

Aspire to greatness

Kids can’t help but be inspired to learn more about these incredible people.

Source: @tbradleymurals

24. Feature your core values

Feature your core values school mural

Simple, meaningful, and something to remember every day.

Source: @_twobrushes_

25. Paint a timeline

Paint a timeline

If they see the events and dates every day, they’ll learn history in no time!

Source: @sweetartmurals

26. Enter a world of books

Enter a world of books

Reading really does open doors.

Source: @katieoart

27. Have them contribute

Have them contribute

We love a school mural that gets kids involved. It gives them such a sense of ownership and pride!


28. Treat kids like kings and queens

Treat kids like kings and queens

Now that’s just seriously impressive.


29. Make it interactive

Make it interactive

This is such a clever idea! It uses an existing bulletin board, plus you can add different pics each year.

Source: @wallnutart

30. Make sure they know they matter

Make sure they know they matter

You never want them to doubt it.

Source: @snowhill_art

31. Create a colorful shelf

Create a colorful shelf

There’s something so clean and appealing about this design.

Source: @aurora.noa

32. Show your teachers some love

Show your teachers some love

Teachers need encouragement too, so why not add a mural to the teachers’ lounge?

Source: @tbradleymurals

33. Travel the solar system

Travel the solar system

We are all space dust.

Source: @sweetartmurals

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These 35 School Mural Ideas Will Make You Want to Grab a Paintbrush