School Leaders News Round-Up: December 11

Here are 11 top education stories from December 5 through December 11. From think pieces on education reform to an intimate teacher profile,[…]Continue Reading

Here are 11 top education stories from December 5 through December 11. From think pieces on education reform to an intimate teacher profile, from a management style takedown to one school’s take on tech, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Philly Elects First Black Woman President of Principals Union
    An 18-year veteran administrator, Robin Cooper will inherit stalled contract negotiations from her predecessor. “We gave back and we constantly give back,” she said, “As the district stabilizes, we want people to be remembered. Outside of the teachers, we’re the post that keeps things together.”
  2. The Finnish “Fairy Tale”
    The 74 publishes an op-ed about our ongoing fascination with—and veneration of—public schools in Finland, where student scores are very high, and teachers are happy and well paid.
  3. Hawaiian School Principals Push for Power
    ESSA opens a window for states to make more decisions and in Hawaii, school principals want in on that action.
  4. Maine Principals Team Up With Coaches
    With participation in football dwindling, these school leaders propose some hockey-like innovations, including playing with fewer athletes on the field and having tiered leagues.
  5. Computer Science Education Week Highlight
    Students in San Diego marched into a room full of surprised school administrators and showed them how to code.
  6. School Districts Hold Public Meetings about Deportation
    The election of Donald Trump has students and families worried, so three Illinois school districts held meetings to address fears and answer questions.
  7. One School’s Switch from iPads to Chromebooks
    Lots of schools are weighing their tech options, so we were interested to read about this one district’s thought process and transition.
  8. The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Review of Election Effect on Schools
    The organization reports on their survey of over 10,000 teachers on school climate in wake of historically unpleasant and contentious presidential election.
  9. The Brookings Institution Gives Teacher Evaluation an F
    In short, they say the measurements are neither consistent nor scientific nor tied closely enough to student achievement. It’s the age-old debate: if the proof is in the pudding, is the pudding the students’ test scores, or something more complicated? What do you think?
  10. When Just Getting to School is Hard
    The Atlantic details the struggles of homeless kids trying to get to school on time.
  11. Micromanaging Bosses
    Good reading for school admins: “Three Career Lessons My Micromanaging Boss Didn’t Mean to Teach Me.”