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11 School Leader Duties We Salute

It’s the little things that count.

Whether they’re behind the scenes or on stage at an assembly, these school leader duties are some of the many ways your principals and administration staff show their love to their school, teachers, and students.

School leaders balance the budget.

school leader duties meme

They make sure teachers can take the time they need.

They prep for the next year even when no one else wants to help.

They juggle many tasks at once.

They schedule every teacher, specialist, student, and staff person.

School leaders sit through long board meetings.

They make sense of educational jargon.

They take an impossible task and make it possible.

They make sure every detail is accomplished.

They take time to make their colleagues laugh.

And they have your back when the fight matters.

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Posted by Kimberley Moran

Kimberley is a Senior Editor at WeAreTeachers. She has 15 years of classroom teaching experience and a master's degree in literacy education.

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