9 Awesome School Flash Mob Videos

We dare you not to cry through these!

9 Awesome School Flash Mob Videos

There is something awesome about a flash mob that includes any combo of teachers, students, and community members. Here are some of the best school flash mob videos we’ve seen that will lift your spirits, give you warm fuzzies, and might make you shed a tear (or a thousand). Save this post for your staff meetings or just to remind you of the joy that’s out there.

1. Celebrate a School Resource Officer Flash Mob Video

Starting off strong with this video for a beloved school resource officer, who gives students a feeling of belonging, happiness, and hope. The students took an opportunity to show Officer Mitch their appreciation, and it looks like the message was well received.

2. Honor a Teacher With Cancer Flash Mob Video

Didn’t we mention the tears? This teacher underwent chemotherapy treatment and was out of school for nearly two months. Her students’ idea was to welcome her back since she was missed so much. With this flash mob, we think they accomplished that in a big way!

3. Students Dance With a Star Flash Mob Video

Leave it to the Queen herself to gracefully surprise a slew of students. In an oldie-but-goodie, Beyonce helps these students get motivated for a healthy lifestyle through the Let’s Move! campaign initiated by former First Lady Michelle Obama.

4. Show the Kids What You’ve Got Flash Mob Video

Talk about a surprise! These students had no idea that their teachers had these kinds of moves and liked such cool music. (It’s almost as if teachers are––gasp––humans, too!)

5. Remind the Community How Talented College Students Are Flash Mob Video


Higher education = higher stakes. These flash mobbers at The Ohio State University went above and beyond, shocking onlookers and peers alike.

6. High School Musical Flash Mob Video

Growing up, I always imagined high school would be like a movie, and these students must have felt the same. Their rendition of High School Musical‘s hit tune was an obvious home run for their classmates watching with excitement.

7. Grease Flash Mob Video

A classic! It’s always exciting to be reminded that some of the best films and music never truly go out of style. This is proven here in a sweet and lighthearted Grease flash mob.

8. Valedictorian Flash Mob Video

Talk about going out with a bang! After his speech, this valedictorian treated the audience––and joined his peers––to make this graduation ceremony one everyone would remember.

9. Learning All About Dance Flash Mob Video

Evolution of dance videos go viral for a reason––and we suspect this one to be no different. Students giggle; faculty and staff have fun. It’s a win-win for this flash mob!


We love to see students, teachers, and staff having fun while they’re together. Has your school ever done a flash mob or a surprise dance before? Comment below––bonus points if you’ve got a video of it!

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