17 Memes That Nail the Highs and Lows of Remote Teaching

Because we all deserve a trophy!

Oh, 2020. If we didn’t laugh, we’d cry. To be honest, we’ve done plenty of both, but these remote teaching memes have helped us see the humorous side of a very hard year.

1. Because this has become a familiar feeling

Poor Dumbledore. Poor us.

2. Because it’s gotten a little spooky in here.

Séance - Show us a sign

Please, Jess. Show us a sign.

3. Because observations are somehow still taking place

Cancel all observations immediately.

4. Because no one wants to hear the real truth

This is why teacher friends are so important. They are the only ones who understand.

5. Because we all deserve a trophy

And a million dollars and a vacation to Hawaii.

6. Because there is nothing calm about this situation

silent night

Nothing at all.

7. Because we do mind, actually

But we don’t know how to tell you.

8. Because we thought we knew what “teacher tired” was like

We were wrong.

9. Because we’ve discovered new levels of awkward

*Waves at screen.*

10. Because we’ve all learned the horrors of a home haircut

It always seems like a good idea, and then…

11. Because some people seem to think we’re working less than normal


12. Because what’s another hour on Zoom?

It’s only my seventh straight hour staring at my computer screen.

13. Because kindergartners don’t even know what links are

We have to start at the very beginning.

14. Because everything about remote teaching takes longer than you thought


15. Because kids have trouble with directions no matter where you’re teaching

*Repeats myself for the one-millionth time.”

16. Because webcams aren’t particularly flattering

Ring lights forever.

17. Because we’ve seen more of the insides of kids’ noses than ever before

Thanks for all the close-ups.

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17 Memes That Nail the Highs and Lows of Remote Teaching