13 Activities to Help Teach Your Students About the Wild and Wonderful Rainforest

Learn about the different levels of the rainforest and the animals that live there!

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The Rainforest

Did you know that more than 5 million species of plants, animals and insects call the rainforest home? Or that the Amazon Rainforest is 55 million years old and covers 2.1 million square miles? It’s a fascinating topic  and one that students love spending time on. Here are 13 interesting and engaging rainforest activities to get your kids excited about learning more.

 1. Rainforest Habitats Flipbook

Rainforest Habitat Flipbooks

This flipbook is one of our favorite rainforest activities! It doubles as a coloring book and includes a page for each layer of the rainforest! Watch students’ eyes widen as they learn fun facts such as; The Goliath Birdeater Tarantula is the size of a dinner plate with its legs spread out? 😲 And yes… it earned its name because it’s so big that it can eat birds. (Cue the classroom gasp!)

 2. Shoebox habitat diorama

Shoebox Habitat Diorama

SOURCE: First Palette

Your students will love this activity that lets them learn all about the rainforest as they create a beautiful diorama. Great for a multi-day project, get the full materials list and step-by-step directions.

3. Tower habitat diorama

Tower Habitat Diorama

SOURCE: A Faithful Attempt

Older kids can build this incredible multi-level diorama tower as they learn all about the layers of the rainforest, from the forest floor to the emergent layer.

4. Rainforest songs

Rainforest Songs

SOURCE: KindyKats

Check out these 20 fun sing-along songs that teach kids all about the rainforest and the animals that live there. They’ll learn about leopards, poison dart frogs, Blue Morpho butterflies, and more!

5. Rainforest terrarium

Rainforest Terrarium

Source: Natural Beach Living

This is one of the most classic rainforest activities. Dig in and create a mini-ecosystem with your students. Collect large jars or cut the top of liter soda bottles for the container, layer pebbles and moss inside, and then add tropical plants and your favorite rainforest animals.

6. Bird beak science activity

Bird Beak Science Activity

SOURCE: Mystery Science

Start off by having students watch this 10-minute background knowledge video. Then do your own science experiment, using simple materials like Dixie cups and plastic straws, to learn all about how birds’ beaks work.

7. Rainforest animal crafts

Rainforest Animal Crafts

SOURCE: Momendeavors

Check out this amazing roundup of rainforest animal craft projects. From stick bugs and chameleons to sloths and toucans to anacondas, there are plenty of creatures to choose from.

8. Rainforest Bingo

Rainforest Bingo

SOURCE: Lifeovercs

Rainforest Bingo is a great way to get your students excited about learning all about rainforest animals. Perfect as a whole group or station activity.

9. Printable writing activities

Printable rainforest writing activities

SOURCE: In All You Do

Add these rainforest writing tasks to your writing block. From copy work for preschoolers to writing prompts for older students, this bundle has 63 pages for you to choose from.

10. Movement cards

Rainforest animal movement cards

SOURCE: Pink Oatmeal

Flutter like a butterfly, balance like an iguana, pounce like a tiger. Get your students up out of their chairs with these fun rainforest animal movement cards.

11.  Rainforest yoga

Rainforest Yoga BookRainforest Yoga Printables

SOURCE: Kids Yoga Stories (photo on left)  and Pink Oatmeal (photo on right)

Pretend to be a gorilla, spider monkey or scarlet macaw with these healthy yoga poses just for kids.

12. Kids’ rainforest stories

Rainforest Stories

SOURCE: Rainforest Alliance

What would your life be like if your backyard was a rainforest? Expand your students’ horizons with these stories about children their age living across the world in rainforest communities.

13. File folder game

Rainforest animal file folder game

SOURCE: Itsy Bitsy Fun

File folder games are a great, and easy to keep together, resource for center activities. This fun game helps your students match rainforest animals with their jungle habitat.

Plus, here are our favorite books to pair with rainforest activities! 

13 Activities to Help Teach Your Students About the Wild and Wonderful Rainforest