Teachers Are Sharing the Proudest Moments From Their Careers & BRB, We Need a Minute

These are the moments we’ll never forget.

Teachers Proudest Moments

There are so many hard parts about teaching—enough that we’re pretty worried about the future of the profession. But when those good moments come along? They’re hard to beat. We asked teachers to share the “biggest flex” of their careers, and did they ever deliver. These proudest moments capture the truly unique role we serve.

“One of my students in my Spanish class was hearing impaired.”

A decade later, he tracked me down on Facebook and said that he loved the fact that I never made him feel different. And that his Spanish teacher in college complimented him on his accent. —Katherine N.

“Every school year, I challenge my third grade class to complete 200 acts of kindness as a group!”

They do it, with pride every year. —Julie R.

“One of my non-binary students told me my classroom is the first place they have felt safe being themself and sharing their identity.”

They wrote me a long thank-you note, too. —Kelley N.

“Multiple former students came back to visit my room.”

They commented that they always loved coming in, as they viewed it as the calmest, safest place. —Maggie W.

“A high school student who wouldn’t speak at all because he had a severe speech disability raised his hand in my class and volunteered to read.”


The other kids cheered for him, and he volunteered every day after that. I cried. —Libbi D.

“A former student mentioned my name during her valedictorian graduation speech.”

She shared the impact I had on her and our class. —Jenn G.

“A student FaceTimed me to tell me thank you.”

“I never would have made it without you.” It was the proudest moment ever. —Helen B.

“Former students tell me that they went into education because of me.”

That is one of the highest compliments. Ever. —Aline G.

“After school, I walked out to the playground and saw a bunch of my students playing.”

Within five minutes, all of the students were surrounded by me, to just talk and give me hugs. It just shows how much I have created a safe and loving space for my students to feel excited to see me outside of my classroom. —Brittany A.

“One of my former parents was a struggling single mom with two young children.”

I encouraged and motivated her to improve her life. She went to college, graduated, became a certified teacher, and is now gainfully employed. I’m so proud of her accomplishments. —Jacqueline S.

“I used to work at a correctional facility for young women.”

One of my students wrote her story and revised it with the help of another student because she wanted to give it to me without mistakes. I was so proud of her and touched beyond measure that she worked so hard to produce good writing. Also, I was the first person to tell her she was a good writer! —Diane D.

“A former middle school student of mine published an article about the teacher who saved her life.”

It was me. I will never forget it. —Johanna T.

“I had a fourth grader with extreme behaviors.”

He was extremely violent due to lack of medication, trauma, and a rough home life… I adopted him! This morning he made my coffee, is shoveling snow, has a ton of friends, is involved in sports… and is the biggest blessing to our family. He’s now 13 and a “normal” kid!  —Michelle C.

We’d love to hear your proudest moments as a teacher! Please share in the comments.

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Teachers Are Sharing the Proudest Moments From Their Careers & BRB, We Need a Minute