10 Prom Chaperone Dress Ideas That are Style, Budget, and Student Approved

10 picks that won’t land you on the “Worst Dressed” list.

prom chaperone shoes

Depending on your opinions on prom, chaperone duty can be either a whimsical walk down memory lane or an alarming look into teen dating behavior. But whether you love or hate prom chaperone duty, one thing is for certain—you have to go to it clothed.

You get dressed every (OK, most) days, but prom is special. Prom chaperones need attire that’s school appropriate, budget-friendly, re-wearable, and stylish enough to avoid earning a spot on your students’ “Worst Dressed” list. Here are 10 prom chaperone dress picks that fit the bill. And sorry, male teachers, this one’s just for the ladies.

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For science teachers

prom chaperone dress science teacher

Covered up enough and covered in insects. Plus, pockets!

Buy it here for $119.99.


To reuse during wedding season

prom chaperone dress teachers

Afterall, weddings are the proms of adulthood.

Buy it here for $159.99.


For pulling double duty

prom chaperone dress plus size

Dress it up with a pair of heels for prom, then wear it to school with flats.

Buy it here for $79.99.


For a black tie theme

Get it?

Buy it here for $44.99.


For English teachers

prom chaperone dress books

Because your students know you’d send love letters to books.

Buy it here for $99.99.


The LBD for less

prom chaperone dress little black

Under $25 for a little black dress? Add a statement necklace and done.

Buy it here for $23.98.


If you missed your own prom

prom chaperone dress fun

Business on top, party on the bottom. The tulle you always dreamed of!

Buy it here for $89.99.


Twice the options

prom chaperone dress skirt

Pair a pretty skirt with a fancy top, then endlessly rework and re-wear!

Buy it here for $59.99.


To arm yourself against drama

prom chaperone dress sleeves

Extra coverage for all that angst, plus three color options!

Buy it here for $44.99.


And because yes, sometimes you’re pregnant on prom night

prom chaperone dress maternity

Don’t forget the comfortable shoes.

Buy it here for $24.99.

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