Free Printable Multiplication Chart Bundle for 1-12 Facts

Perfect for reference and practice!

Collage of four different types of multiplication charts.
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There are lots of creative ways to practice multiplication facts, and we’re big believers that the more practice, the better. This printable multiplication chart bundle can be used for reference, practice, games, and more!

Animated gif switching between three different collages of blank and completed multiplication tables
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What’s included in the bundle

These charts cover multiplication facts from 1 to 12, so they’re perfect for all the facts kids need to master. You get a variety of styles and colors including:

  • Completed multiplication charts in color and black-and-white
  • Blank multiplication chart in black-and-white
  • Diagonal shaded multiplication charts, blank and complete
  • List multiplication charts, broken down by numbers 1-12

How to use these printable multiplication charts

Need some ideas for using these printables with your students? Try these activities:

  • Multiplication Puzzles: Cut a completed chart into pieces and see how quickly kids can put it back together correctly.
  • Time Drills: Give students a blank chart, then set a stopwatch. See how long it takes them to complete the whole thing with the correct numbers. Then, try to beat that time!
  • Reference Page: Paste these charts into student notebooks (or insert them into sheet protectors for a binder). Then they’ll be handy if kids need to check their answers.
  • Progress Chart: As a student develops fact fluency for a particular number, have them shade in that line on a complete chart. This helps them feel a sense of a accomplishment.
  • Color-Code: Using a blank chart, have kids fill it in using a different color for each number row/column. By creating their own colored chart, they’ll make important connections.
  • Roll and Cover: Using a pair of 12-sided dice, players take turns rolling and covering the resulting product until one player completes an entire row or column.

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