Grab This Free CVC Words Worksheet Bundle for Your Emerging Readers!

Fun with beginner decoding!

Flat lay of CVC words worksheets

For emerging readers, those easily decodable CVC (that is, consonant-vowel-consonant) words are a great place to start. By practicing reading and playing with blending sounds to form short words, students build confidence along with foundational reading skills. And we’ve made it super fun with these free CVC words worksheets. Do them together during small group instruction, use them in centers, or assign them as independent work. Whatever you choose, your students are sure to benefit from this decoding practice. Here’s what’s in the bundle:

CVC Word Match

Your students will need crayons, scissors, and glue for this one. They’ll color the six pictures, then cut and paste the words at the bottom under the matching picture.

CVC Picture Match

This one is the reverse of the prior worksheet. First, they’ll trace and read the words. Next, they can color the pictures and cut and paste them above the matching words.

Find the Missing Letter—Beginning Sound

This is the first in a set of three. For this worksheet, students will see pictures and have to write in the missing beginning consonant sound.

Flat lay of CVC words worksheets

Find the Missing Letter—Middle Sound

Now it’s time for the missing vowel sound in the middle.

Find the Missing Letter—Ending Sound


And finally, they’ll write in the missing consonant sound at the end of the word.

CVC Word Spinners

Grab a pencil and a paper clip for this one because students will be making their own spinners. They’ll have to read whichever word they landed on and write it as well. Lather, rinse, repeat until they’ve filled up the boxes.

CVC Word Search

It’s just like it sounds! Find the CVC words in the word list.

Flat lay of CVC words worksheets

CVC Word Mapping

This comes right from the science of reading. Students will look at a picture and say the word. Then, they tap the sounds. Next, they map the sounds (we like using math counters). Finally, they write the word.

CVC Word Ladder

We love a good word ladder. Starting at the bottom of the ladder, students use the picture clues to change one letter for each rung, creating new CVC words along the way.

CVC Reading Passage

This bundle wouldn’t be complete without a decodable reading passage featuring lots of CVC words plus a few comprehension questions.

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