We all want every student who passes through our school halls to find teachers and administrators who stands out as mentors. For some, it’s an elementary teacher who believes in her students even when they don’t believe in themselves. For others, it’s the vice principal or guidance counselor who sees potential and pushes for a scholarship.

For the students at Thelma Barker Elementary in Jackson, TN, one beautifully silly principal is sure to stand out above all the rest for years to come.

As we move into leadership roles, it can become harder to get kids to trust in us as the fun (and fundamentally awesome) people that we really are. In a display of pure selflessness, Principal Ryan Kirkbride shows his students that administrators know a thing or two about goofing around.

His method?  He allowed himself to be duct taped to the flagpole out in front of Thelma Barker. It’s a hilarious move that does double duty: one one hand, the students raising $2,500 for Relay For Life, and on the other, Kirkbride is showing the kids what we already know—principals are people too!

Check out the hysterical snaps captured by photographer Kenneth M. Cummings.

Principal Duct Taped to Flag Pole

As you can tell from the pictures, Kirkbride took an incredibly good-natured approach to letting folks tape him to the flag pole with wads of purple and black duct tape.

From there, he stoically accepts getting covered in silly string, whipped cream, and pie by his students—while wearing a snazzy pair of sunglasses and what appears to be a wetsuit as protection.

Check out the adorable video below to hear Kirkbride and some of his fellow Thelma Barker faculty explain their bold move. And if this cracked you up, don’t forget to share with fellow school leaders!

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